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    MLM Sales Lead! A Big Waste Of Your Money

    Its always amazes me how upline coaches teach their new network marketing reps how to buy mlm sales lead and make cold calls to them looking to recruit. The funny thing is that many of the upline coaches that teach this to their downline don't even buy these leads and make cold calls themselves. So the question is. Why would they do that? It's typically because they know the person who owns the lead company and by promoting his lead company to their downline, they will get their leads at no cost to them. Even if this is the case, they most likely will not make cold calls to them.. The reason is simple. The whole processes of buying and cold calling a mlm sales lead is not an effective way to build their network marketing business. So this task it past onto the reps in their downline.

    What many successful leaders do that many network marketing distributors are not aware of is put themselves in a position to have targeted prospects contact them looking to join their business. Even if they decide not to join them, they will still generate cash up front off the prospects to help fund their mlm sales lead generation. That's right! They don't pay for their prospects. Their prospects pay them instead and at the same time collect that prospects contact information to follow up with, and build a relationship. Successful mlm top income earners learn how to do their own marketing and mlm sales lead generation themselves. It's critical that network marketing distributors learn how to do the same. This puts you in control of your lead generation.

    The fact is that you should never outsource your mlm sales lead generation to any lead companies. You never really know how their generated and you will not be in control of it. Everything you do in your mlm business must be controlled by you. When you buy mlm sales lead, you are always spending your money and making nothing back. They are also sold over and over again to other networkers. Because of this, the mlm sales lead is not ever exclusive to you only. When you generate leads yourself you know were they come from and that their only yours. If you do all this correctly, you will then have prospects paying you to generate them.

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    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joe_LoBalsamo [http://ezinearticles.com/?MLM-Sales-Lead!-A-Big-Waste-Of-Your-Money&id=829810 ]http://EzineArticles.com/?MLM-Sales-Lead!-A-Big-Waste-Of-Your-Money&id=829810

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    I partially agree with your words but this is not true with all companies.There are some companies which can generate credible leads.
    One of the company that i come acrossed deals with .You can check that at

    December 12, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterdeshu

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