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    Grand Rapids 5 Minute Mogul Network Marketers: Upgrade Today!

    Grand Rapids 5 Minute Mogul Network Marketers Upgrade Today!

    Hello Grand Rapids affiliate marketers and online business owners. If you joined North American Power at the basic level, I am sure you are enjoying the free 5 Minute Mogul professional Internet marketing training videos and the online lead generation tools. Many Grand Rapids online sellers and network marketers have paid thousands of dollars for similar training and software. I have watched the videos several times and always learn something new when I review them.

    I want to remind you that the 5 Minute Mogul seo services and lead generating system has a lot more to offer. If you upgrade to the Apprentice level, you can add your own affiliate links. You'll get your own SEO optimized blog with custom Google-friendly content posted weekly and you will also be eligible for 5 Minute Mogul affiliate commissions.

    Kalamazoo folks who want to quickly make online money should consider the 5 Minute Mogul Industrialist level. This level includes everything in the basic and Apprentice level but adds a fully widgetized, drag and drop web page builder.

    You will be able to build mobile optimized web pages for iPhones, Androids, and iPads. (This is becoming a must-have tool since more and more Kalamazoo people browse on mobile devices exclusively.)

    You will also get two custom local SEO blogs articles per week and a CRM Aweber-connectable tool. The Industrialist level offers access to additional webinars with Kimball Roundy (5 Minute Mogul founder and online marketer extraordinaire). These interactive meetings will allow you to ask Kimball questions about your specific Grand Rapids home based or online business.

    The Tycoon level includes the email marketing tools, seo package, and lead generating software mentioned previously and adds e-commerce functionality and personal consultations with Kimball.

    By upgrading your 5 Minute Mogul membership today, you can more effectively leverage your leads and referrals to establish multiple streams of passive, residual income. Call 269-290-3263, send a note to james@james-byrd.com or visit http://joinjamesbyrd.com today! James B Byrd

    james byrd
    Kalamazoo, Michigan


    Now Kalamazoo Can Market With Kimball Roundy! 

    Now Kalamazoo Can Market With Kimball Roundy! Kimball Roundy Mentoring Available In Kalamazoo

    For Internet business owners in the Kalamazoo area, expert advice can mean the difference between success and failure. Now with 5 Minute Mogul, you can learn how to run a successful online business from the best, Mr. Kimball Roundy, the creator of this powerful network marketing training tool.

    Kimball Roundy Is The Real Deal

    Kimball Roundy is the founder and CEO of the International Internet Marketing Consulting Firm, RoundGoods Consulting Group. Kimball has been involved in networking, internet, and affiliate marketing since 1998. In the Dot Com era, that is a lifetime.

    Kimball Roundy Expertise Works With Any Business

    Now internet entrepreneurs in the Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Battle Creek areas can profit from Kimball's vast knowledge by learning to play the 5 Minute Mogul List-Building and Money-Getting Game to generate Endless Leads for their Visalus, Synergy, Xango, Organo Gold, or other direct marketing business.
    Just watch as Kimball Rounday's 5 Minute Mogul generates 12 or more streams of passive residual income for you! Just follow the easy steps on the 5 Minute Mogul game board. Pretty soon, it may take as little as 5 minutes a day to check your income streams.
    These Internet marketing tools are essential for Kalamazoo online entrepreneurs who need to automate their online marketing. I'm James Byrd, and I want to tell you more about Kimball Roundy's 5 Minute Mogul and how it can help your Kalamazoo internet business generate more income for you. Contact me today!

    Do You Work From Home In Michigan?

    Do You Work From Home In Michigan?

    Hey Kalamazoo residents, do you have a home based business? Or wish you did? Well I have a great opportunity for any Michigan local who is starting an online business or would like to start one.

    Michigan 5 Minute Mogul is a fun, easy way to get your online marketing business up and working. It's also a great way to generate leads and funnel your downlines. If you sell Organo Gold, Nu Skin, ViSalus, Xocai, Noni, or Scentsy, you need 5 Minute Mogul marketing software. And the best part of all? It's FREE to sign up!

    Don't let your online business suffer because of lack of knowledge, direction, or the necessary software. Sign up with Michigan 5 Minute Mogul FREE online marketing software today and discover how to set up 12 different income streams in Grand Rapids.

    The 5 Minute Mogul website is patterned after a Monopoly board. Follow the simple game around the board and with each space you will learn how to set up and use automated tools in Battle Creek to help you make money online in Michigan and grow a profitable home based business. Create your website with customizable templates, capture and track your leads, plug in your social media, and start to earn residual, passive income.

    Automate your online business today with 5 Minute Mogul. Visit my website at http://5minutemogul.net/smartnetworker, or give me a call today at 269-290-3263 and I will help you get started.


    Become A Better Michigan Online Marketer For FREE 

    Become A Better Michigan Online Marketer For FREE

    Now's the time to start your own Michigan online business. Let Kimball Roundy's 5 Minute Mogul help you get started today in Michigan!

    With assistance and some sage advice from cutting edge online business experts like Mark Hoverson, Ryan Deiss, Brian Moran, Ryan Angelo, Tim Erway and Garrett Robins; you can learn some outstanding ways to incorporate new ideas for small business optimization in Michigan as well as online lead generation in the zip code area.

    Internet list-building pro Kimball Roundy has created an easy to use, beneficial plan to help any Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, or Grand Rapids entrepreneur build and manage their home based online business.

    Whether you're selling Enagic, Organo Gold coffee, or your very own specialty product, 5 Minute Mogul can help you get your home based Kalamazoo business set up today in Michigan.

    The unique Monopoly-like 5 Minute Mogul online game board will walk you through each step of the start-up process for your Kalamazoo based online business. This is a FREE turnkey online marketing system. As you work your way or around the board, you will learn how to set up your domain, website, capture pages, social networking processes, Google-friendly blog, and - most importantly - your INCOME STREAMS.

    This is the Kalamazoo home business opportunity you have been waiting for. A quick, no-hassle way to get the ball rolling. Soon you may find that it only takes about 5 minutes a day to run your Michigan business from home. Sign up today for a FREE 5 Minute Mogul internet marketing account and get your online business headed in the right direction.

    Call me with any questions at 269-290-3263, or visit my website at http://joinjamesbyrd.com to find out more about 5 Minute Mogul and what it can do for your Michigan business!

    FREE Kimball Roundy Marketing Tools For Grand Rapids

    FREE Kimball Roundy Marketing Tools For Grand Rapids

    One of the advantages of having your own home-based network marketing business is the low overhead costs. In fact, this is one of the main reasons Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Battle Creek small business owners choose membership marketing companies to partner with.

    If you're the owner of a 49009 zip code area Internet business, you probably like the sound of the word FREE, right?

    What about FREE internet marketing solutions?

    With 5 Minute Mogul, you can get marketing tools and invaluable instruction for your Kalamazoo online business. You'll learn from successful internet entrepreneurs like Mike Dillard, Ferny Ceballos, and Daegan Smith as well as founder and CEO Kimball Roundy. Their experience and internet marketing strategies can be used to your advantage at no cost!

    5 Minute Mogul is so simple you won't believe it! It's a lot like playing Monopoly. As you move around the game board, each space will help you establish and run your online business. The first order of business is domain and website set-up. Then you get your income streams in place. From business blogging to lead generation to free email software to social networking tricks - 5 Minute Mogul has you covered.

    These Internet marketing tools are essential for Grand Rapids online entrepreneurs. I'm james byrd, a 5 Minute Mogul member since September 2012. and I want to tell you more about 5 Minute Mogul and how it can help your Kalamazoo internet business generate more income for you. My favorite 5 Minute Mogul tools are 5 Minute Traffic Tycoon and 5 Minute Mogul. Contact me today!