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    You Gotta Push The Strart Button For Network Marketing Success

      discouraged man     This picture of a discourage man. That was me before i found out my personallity type. I come from an engineering backgound so i had a tendency to analyze things to death. Some of them were relevant facts and some ot them were just interesting stuff to know. Green personalities love to be in the know about everything but are just never able to commit to anything. I develop a bad habit of jumping from one business to another because the ┬áthe "facts" seem better. What i didn't know is that it's not just facts you must have but you must also have facts that lead to success in network marketing.  


    Another problem i had was severe discouragement. Yep, just like the guy in the picture, after i had figured it all out. Set everthing i learn i failed miserably. I didn't make any money in network marketing but i had all the facts. When i came joined in Mentoring For Free the 2nd time(lol), i know what i should have know from the begining. "A man that trust in his own heart is a fool". I know now that doing too much fact finding was really a "trust issue for me". I just could't push the button to get started because i didn't really trust others to know more then what i needed to know. After all i am the master of the fact finders


    To find relief from discouragement in networking mlm business and get on the road to success, Mentoring For Free had a Mental Cleanse class that lasted 30 days. To my surprise, the  positive "self talk" session solved the problem of being discourage accumulating all the facts with no network marketing success. If yor're a green personallity and you want to be successful in network marketing before you die trying. Click on this link below and save time, money and frustration. By the way this Ebook is FREE CLICK HERE


    Is The Ebook Success In 10 Steps The Real Deal?

    Hi, James here. Just a quick post to let you know my sincere feelings about Michael Dlouhy's book "Success In 10 Steps". I am a skeptic at heart and even though i read this book from cover to cover and was mentored by the Mentoring For Free team, i had to find out for myself.

    I had bounced around for 3 years and i listen to a friend who told me about this wonderful opportunity. He was an outstanding intermarketer in his own right and had hundreds of people in his downline. Well i remembered the principles that i read about in "Success In 10 steps about the Policy & Procedures of a company being posted on the website. This document was missing...but i led with my heart instead of my head. I signed up with the company and right away i had 2 heavy hitters in my downline plus several other people and then a strange thing happen on the way to the bank...

    The owner of the company change the computer program that change the matrix. Withing one week, i had no one in my downline. Not only that, but the price point to qualify on volume down to 7 levels tripled from about $60 to $180 personal volume. I lost and my upline lost all because of not knowing the Policy & Procedures.

    You may be a very smart person but you're are not a lawyer! Grab the ebook "Success In 10 Steps" before it's too late and you have been taken to the cleaners. Click on the link below:


    Keeping it real!

    James B Byrd



    SuccessIn10Steps- MLM Revolutionary Ebook

    Michael Dlouhy's ebook classic has been quietly changing how to be success in network marketing. Any network marketer should not attempt to join any mlm opportunity without reading this book. His insight and experience in over 26 years in the network marketing industry can be leverage in building a successful network marketing business that will save you $1000 of dollars. Most network marketers have never built any kind of business so how can they expect success?

    Building an mlm business  is a challange because the vast majority of every kind of business fails. Same for MLM distributors. The barriers to owning a network marketing business are low, so virtually anyone can start their own business. To be successful, you need to either start with a big network of people who know you, like you and trust you, or you must build that network. It's important to pick a plan that pays well for real production. It's a big plus to understand marketing, because you will need to continually build your network. And if you are like most people who don't start with that strong network in place, you must build it from the get-go.

    There is a lot involved to become successful in network marketing , just like in any other business. And yet, so many people these days are hyping the "multiple streams of income" approach in MLMs. You can look long and hard and still never find anyone who is successful in 2 network marketing businesses at the same time. Geeze, it's tough to find a person who has actually built full-time income in ONE business. That's why it's amazing people think they can build six business at the same time, as some of them claim? It's probably pretty simple: they're just blowing smoke. They're hoping that if they promote 6 businesses to you, maybe you'll see one you like and join. Most people who do this quit in a heart beat. What works is to pick the best one the fit's you and build that business. Multiple streams of MLM income is an idea whose time will never come to pass

    These ideas and many others are discussed by Michael Dlouhy in the free ebook "Success In 10 Steps." I compiled a list of MLM keywords recently and discovered something interesting. Reading the search results, 75% (!) of the top 20 MLM-related search terms had to do with "leads!" If ever there was evidence of the #1 focus of network marketers, that was it for me. Obviously it makes sense. To win the network marketing game a steady stream of targeted, interested people to talk to. Now you see why people put such a high value on this ebook over the years. It's generic, so you can actually use it as part of your own lead generation system. Very workable plan. Visit this link to get your FREE ebook: http://drjamesbyrd.successin10steps.com

    james b byrd