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    Why You Need A Blog For Network Marketing Success

    Do You Need A Blog For Network Marketing Success?

    Many people don't like to blog but if you are serious about having an online presence that is absolutely necessary for network marketing success, the easiest thing to have is a blog. I am posting this post because of a training call that i was on didn't think blogs were much. His specialty was Facebook. Here are some reasons to consider having your own person blog.

    1) For Network Marketing Success, You Need A Base Of Operation.

    A base of operation is needed to establish a space that people can find you online. It is a space that ties every thing together and you can develop a "spider web" of back links to give you a traffic hub that will literally become a traffic machine. Giving you FREE Traffic

    2) For Network Marketing Success, You Need A Blog To Build Your Brand.

    You must build and protect your "Brand" what ever it may be. On the internet, your brand gives insight on your integrity. It will let people know if you are a "lying wonder" or the real deal. I choose Elite Marketing Pro because it is the only Authority Blog that allows you to "brand" the blog and all the pages and capture pages with your "brand". You're not just used to leverage the Elite Marketing Pro. Marketing System..

    3) For Network Marketing Success, You Need A Blog That Has It's Own Branded Capture Pages.

    When you have your own "branded capture pages", you are view as a professional, as being serious as well as having expertise. When you signature on your email is different from your websites, it shows that you don't have leadership ability but you are just part of the herd. If you are really serious about online network marketing success, check out my blog @ http://jamesbbyrd.com. If you feel that you can't blog, click on the link below and get this 10 step Blog PDF