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    I had put aside Ann Sieg's Renegade Network Marketer ebook for more then a year and a half and went out on the internet on my own terms. I was determine to beat the odds and be different. I was special i thought to myself and i would use my bull dog tenacity to be successful in making money on the internet. I had a primary network marketing business and it had a binary compensation plan. I finally discovered that this type of compensation plan was one of the most difficult around. After my downline died and i was at the end of my rope. I went on the internet and tried program after program looking for the perfect system to get rid of my money problems once and for all. I started believing that maybe The Renegade Marketer ebook was true. It really wasn't my fault. I was practicing an "old school" system that was obsolete. Hotel meetings, cold calling, getting a list of 100, getting sizzle cards and putting them on the parking lot just wouldn't work. I tried various mlm opportunities. I was in 3 mlm companies at the same time. I took the shot gun approach trying to advertise all three and listening to conference calls telling me not to worry about signsups and just like Ann's ebook, 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing, all i had was empty promises. One day as i was surfing i came across Renegade University. I quickly made the connection with Renegade Marketer. I join Renegade University as a professional member. Mike Klingler, the founder of Renegade University had every resource to for people like me who uses a shotgun approach to mlm network marketing, to focus in on the specialized knowledge that is needed to be successful in internet network marketing. Mike teaches attraction marketing that will allow prospects and customers come to you. Renegade University has all the resources on video trainings that you can access day or night. Every skill that a person needs to succeed in mlm network marketing is taught in Renegade University and the ebook Renegade Marketer is the foundational text book. If you want to find your grove in mlm network marketing click here:http://freestylemlm.com james b byrd 269-290-3263 Renegade University Pro Member