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    How to pay your mortgage by blogging...


    Many people are looking for online business opportunities to make extra money or have lost their jobs and are just trying to ride out this bad ecomnomy. Because of this people are getting themselves deeper and deeper in debt chasing after a vanishing dream created by the masters of deception.

    There is a method that you can use that is unique to you. And only you can make it happen. What i am talking about is using blogging or your personal opinion that you have on any subject and just write about it daily online. 

    You see what i have found out is that your niche is you and nobody in the world can be you better then you. All of us was born to make a positive difference in this world and to leave it a better place then we found it. Well you say what's up with this blogging thing?

    Well i've got news for you, if you are looking for a low risk method in paying off your mortgage without going over your head in debt. You can do it by blogging. Yep, you heard it right. Just blog one hour per day on life(l0l) ...your opinion of what God's gift to you has done in your life. It could just being a great father or mother to your love ones etc. 

    You can find out more about how this wonderful woman used blogging to pay her mortgage and if she can do it, you can too!

    This is Empowering – Shalonda Gordon just paid her mortgage last month from blogging!

    leave me your thoughts on this – it works!

    “How To PAY YOUR MORTGAGE by Blogging… (video proof)” http://www.empowernetwork.com/blog/how-to-pay-your-mortgage-by-blogging-video-proof/?id=jamesabyrd


    How To Search Engine Optimize (SEO) Your Blog

    Blogs are one of hottest items on the Internet today. Everyone who wants to be somebody has a blog. Blogs are like people and they come in many different sizes and shapes but they all have one need to be effective and that is web traffic. It is the utmost importance that you use some SEO techniques if you ever want your blog to be index by the search engines. Nothing is more disheartening then have a blog that never gets any traffic. Here are a few steps you can take to SEO your blog.

    Step 1- Key Word Research The first phase of any search engine optimization project is researching those keywords. Before you start to optimize, you must determine which keywords will pull the most traffic for the least amount of effort. You can do this by purchasing a subscription to Word Tracker or you can do this by using Overture Inventory to search “aggregate search” records for all possible keywords for which you could potentially optimize your blog. Record all of the returns you receive for an Overture Inventory search you perform on your given keyword.

    Step 2- Analyze Site For Key Words Your next step will be to analyze the site or page supply for your keywords. You can do this by searching for each of the returned keywords on Google. Not only will you want to record the search return data in terms of numbers, but you will also want to look at the top competitors for those keywords (i.e., are the PR 9 home pages or are they a deep page for an unranked site?) Optimal keywords for search engine optimization purposes will have high search counts, low site returns, and low-quality competition in the top slots.

    Step 3 On-Page SEO Your next step should be to perform on page search engine optimization. You can do this by using your selected keywords as titles and headers on different pages of your blog. You will then want to fill those pages will good information about the keyword in question; additionally, you will want to optimize it for a keyword density of 1.5%.

    Step 4= Off-page SEO The last step in your search engine optimization campaign is to perform offpage optimization. You can do this by submitting links to directories that contain a selected keyword in the link title. You can also join link swap programs and swap with other high-quality blogs. Taking care of these 4 steps can help you get traffic without the hassle of continuous promotion and marketing your blog

    James B Byrd


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    Video blogging- How to get started with videoblogging 

    Videoblogging is sweeping the Internet as the primary means of posting ideas and products. Everybody knows about textblogging. Now they use videos for a better way of expression. This form of communication may entail a lot of resources, but it is all worth it. If pictures say a thousand words, videoblogging exceeds that by far.

    A videoblog requires larger disk spaces on websites, a faster server, and a whole new set of programs to support it. Videoblogs can be fed through RSS. This is technology of syndicating your website to other RSS aggregators.

    Videoblogging works with people on the internet expressing their selves. Now if you put this on a business prospective, you are up to a lot of benefits. Think of it as a powerful tool in making showing your prospective customers your line of products or your services. It’s just like showing a commercial all for free. And if you videoblog through RSS, then most probably you are getting your target market.

    People like to see what they are going to buy. Some would like to see proof and be sure that they are getting their money’s worth before shelving their dimes on it. All of us know the influence of a thirty second commercial. The effect of videoblogging is similar to that. You show your product, people watch it. If they like it, they buy it. If you present it good enough, they’ll buy the product even if they don’t need it.

    Now on the web, things are pretty much static, unlike in television in which all are moving. If you post something that is mobile, it would most likely catch attention. Now imaging your product parading in all it’s royalty through videoblog. You’ll get phone call orders in no time.

    If your business is just starting up, you can create a videoblog right at your own home. All you need is your web camera, microphone, video software, and lights. For as long as you know how to use your camera, then you can create a videoblog.

    Invest in a good web camera. The higher its resolution is the better the output. And you like to present your goods in the optimum way so get the best one possible. Make a short story, or just capture your goods in one go. Just make sure you are getting the best profile for each. Get those creativity juices flowing.

    Lights are important in a production. Make sure you illuminate entirely the area you are going to use to create videoblog. The brighter the area, the crispier the images will be. You can also use lighting effects for added appeal to the presentation.

    Should you require sounds for your videoblog, you need a microphone. Record you voice as a voice over for promoting the product and its benefit to consumers. Sounds are as important as videos on a videoblog. It is advisable to make your sound effects as enticing as the video.

    Your video editing software can be any program. You need this to finalize your work. You can add sounds, delete some bad angles, or insert some still pictures in there too. Some programs are user-friendly and can be used even with zero knowledge on video editing. Even simple video editing programs should do the trick. Select your background carefully too. The light affects the presentation so make sure that the background and the light complements each other.

    Videoblogging is a great tool but it also has it downside. It may slow down the computer so other may steer clear of it. Download time may also be time consuming especially if customer is still on a dial- up connection.

    But don’t let those stop you. Let videoblogging be an alternative for you, though it is best to still keep the text and pictures present in your presentation to accommodate all possible viewers of your site.

    Nowadays, the more creative you are in presenting your product to the market, they more you are likely to succeed. Videoblogging offers an interactive way of selling. You involve the customers. You instill in them the advantage of your goods. And at times, those are enough to make a sale.If you don't have a webcam, you can produce free online videos and post on your blog here Easy Video Producer


    Blogging to the Bank 2 - Honest Review

    Blogging to the Bank 2 - Honest Review Blogging has been around for a few years now. Most people use blogs to record their thoughts and lives, while the select few use them as a free way to make a fortune. One guy who uses this to his advantage is Rob Benwell. Last year he dished the dirt on the tips and tricks to making a fortune using blogging. But as time passes the old systems become obsolete and new techniques are required. This is where his brand new, fresh off the press blogging to the bank 2 system comes into play. For those who know who Rob Benwell is like me, you’ve probably made a killing using blogs. For those who don’t, here is the story: Back in 2005 he was struggling to make any profit online, had dropped out of college and was getting deep into debt. He was trying all the techniques the gurus tell you and wasn’t getting anywhere fast. All of that went in the bin and he started using his own techniques and started making more and more money using simple blogs. In early 2006 he shared this with the world and had a great ebook called blogging to the bank. Tons of people got rich from using these techniques (including me). He then spoke at Online Marketing Legend Yanik Silver’s underground Seminar where he revealed even more of his underground strategies. But as I said earlier, the techniques used in that ebook are now showing there age. Some of them are not even working in the slightest! This is where blogging to the bank 2 comes into play. It’s full of great new techniques that work online right now! Everything’s explained in plain English with all the fluff cut out. I got hold of an advanced copy of the book for a much higher price than what it actually sells for and it has been worth every single cent! I got it in the afternoon and by the evening I was creating new profitable blogs. Within a couple of hours of them being active I had made a nice little profit. Blogging To The Bank 2 teaches you Robs new step by step blueprint to creating highly profitable long term niche blogs using the newest optimization techniques. There’s even a section on advanced Search Engine Optimization. Most people think SEO is difficult but Rob explains this nice and simply so even the blogging newbie will understand it. Blogging To The Bank 2 is a breath of fresh air and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make easy money online. Click below to learn how to pay your mortgage by blogging http://www.empowernetwork.com/blog/how-to-pay-your-mortgage-by-blogging-video-proof/?id=jamesabyrd

    Attraction Marketing-3 Mistakes To Avoid When Attracting Prospects To Your Blog

    Blogging is an excellent strategy to attract prospects to you by the blog posts that you make on a daily basis. These blog posts brand you as an expert in your niche and you get prospects attracted to you for free. However there are 3 mistakes you must avoid in orde to attract prospects to your blog.

    1. Avoid duplicate content- You want your blog to be search engine friendly. Consider the search engines as a person who is searching for information to solve a problem or address a need. Stale posts and duplicate content would turn you off and that is exactley what the search engines like Google will do to you. The will penalize your site for duplicate content and you will get less traffic to your blog.

    2.Avoid blatant selling and promotion- People are searching for solutions and information to solve a particular problem. Not to be sold another ebook download or potion. Don't load your blog down with advertising banners and buttons selling your vistors products. Take a sincere interest in the vistor to your blog. You want be able to fake it till you make it. Your aim is to help not to sell. If you educate your visitor, there will be attracted to you and that's the object of attraction marketing.

    3. Avoid keyword stuffing your post or article- Don't pack your post or article with keywords in order to get the search engine spiders to attention. Search engines have built in programs that reject posts and articles stuffed with the keywords of your niche. Write your articles and blog posts as though you are having a conversation with a friend at your kitchen table about a topic that is really important to them. Thats what it's all about. It's all about others and their success. It took me almost 5 years to learn that concept. If you would like to find out more about attraction marketing using blogs go here. blueprintmagic.com