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    Downline Builders- Don't Let Downline Builders Beat You Down!


    I received an email today from a downline builder owner that said he just added another stream of income..LOL . Downline builders really don't work for the masses..only for the owner and here's why.

    The owner really leverages the time and energy of all the members who join into his own ATM and advertising machine. Not even counting in the fact that he is building his/her own list(you) and then the owner advertises to that list special tools that can really help you drive more traffic to his website!

    The loser in this downline scheme is the members who pay a other safe list owners a monthly fee to adverstise the downline builders website. Now 2 people have gotten paid but you haven't got paid yet!

    When you look in your back office, you find that you have multiple programs that you can join and usually tons of traffic exchanges. Suppose you have 10 programs that you can join....you can only be as 10% effective even though you have all them in one place and since anyone signing up for your website can simply erase your url and put theirs in your place, you may end up with your business not even getting looked at.

    Downline builders are deceitful and really created more debt for people then income. Don't get caught up in the hype. Making any money online requires training and hard work. The end product of network marketing is not so much how money you make but how good of network marketer you become. Visit my link below and i'll show you how!


    James B Byrd


    How To Build And Retain A MLM Downline With Your Eyes Close

    As most everyone knows. Building a downline is one thing but retention is another thing. Retention is the dagger in the back for every mlm network marketer. It appears that you all you do is build a downline and watch them vanish in smoke.

    Retention is a problem with everyone. If you build a downline of 100 people, in a years time, it's  estimated that you will retain 6% or 6 people. Some people have tried social marketing taking the long route of building a relationship with every member that joins your team. The only flaw is that while you build a relationship, your monthly autoship is still recurring debt for you each month and you go farther into debt.

    Dream Team Formula has come up with a system that allows each and every member share the profits as it insures that every new member is able to share in the profits of the whole team by helping "every member" build their downline. Couple this with a viral system advertising system, you can really have 90%-100% retention of your downline and this is with your eyes close.

    Just don't take my word for it. If you were tired like i was of rebuilding downlines in my mlm every year. take the FREE tour and see for yourself. Just click on the link below.





    If you are struggling trying to build an online business,
    NST may be just what the doctor ordered
    NST is a brand new program that puts 3 people
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    This program applies for ANY business opportunity!
    They offer a great training tutorial, which will help you promote
    your business, no matter what it is.

    Please, take the time to read the features of this new program:


    It is absolutely FREE to join, so you have nothing to lose!

    Let me know what you think of it!
    I hope you like it!

    James B. Byrd


    Free Leads 4 Life- The Best Simple Home Business Sponsoring System-

    When you say something is the best, simplest home business sponsoring system, you have to have some facts and not hype. The Funded Streamline Sponsoring system for home businesses and mlms is a simple funded proposal system with an affordable home based business that generates free leads and income to help build your primary business and pay for your advertising and expenses.

    It is shown that 97% or more of the people who enter online network marketing business fail within 3-6 months or even less because they lack the ability to sponsor new people, market their home based businesses online and don't have a duplicable system to train others who come into their downline. This scenario leads to what is called a "dead downline.

    Sad to say but the beautiful website provided to home business companies is used as a purchase portal and not for gaining new people for your network marketing business. EFB provides a simple 3 step home business sponsoring system that can bring new people into your primary business without the pressure of "cold calling" on the telephone. FSS takes the "sale and tell" out of sponsoring new people. It removes personality out of the way and allows the newbie who is not gifted in telling and convincing to be successful in an online home business. FSS home business sponsoring system has all the training and marketing materials in your own back office. That translates into access to the same system in each of the people you sponsor. Now you have synergy and success as everyone using the same methods for success. This network marketing sponsoring system is simple and it "allows you to earn and not burn" while you learn what it takes to earn profits in an online network marketing business. Never make another "cold call" again and stop spending your money on old stale leads. The FSS sponsoring system generates FREE Leads 4 Life . Check it out by clicking on this link: http://www.networkmarketingsmarts.biz 

    James B Byrd