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    Turning Email Collection Into Riches

    Collecting Emails To Riches

    It doesn't matter what you are promoting whether it is an online biz op or traditional MLM. The fastest way to success in any business opportunity that requires you to recruit a 'team' or downline is to collect emails from targeted folks that are looking for a business opportunity.

    The problem I have experienced with traditional recruiting in an MLM or Biz Op is that after the team member goes through their 'Warm Market' there is nobody else for them to talk to. This instantly depresses them and kaboom they quit. If you focus on 'collecting emails' not only do you have the world as your market but you can explode your downline 10 x if not a zillion times faster.

    We at Team UOIS focus on teaching our Empower network team to do one thing and that is to collect emails. Chances are you've read that the money is in the 'list' and not only is this absolutely true but for the 'newbie' it is their only hope to succeed. True there are the exceptional men and women who are skilled salespeople and who can talk anybody into joining. But this is demonstration of sales skills is not duplicatable. There are more non sales people in this world than there are those with a gift of gab. Team UOIS is duplicating better than any other team in Empower Network because this is exactly what we teach our team:

    New Team Member collects emails using Free and Paid traffic sources. Team UOIS leaders (Michelangelo most specifically) is responsible for making certain those emails that team members have collected receive highly converting video emails with the team member's Empower Network link. Just like Michelangelo says his preacher dad used to say, "Get them in church and we'll get them saved". All Team UOIS members have to do is collect the emails and Team UOIS leaders will do the rest. That, friends, is what you are looking for from a team, no matter what it is you are promoting.

    A simple duplicatable system that has the 'leaders' working restlessly to get you conversions. Anything else falls short and chances are you will fail. Here's the truth: If you would concentrate and ONLY focus on collecting emails and not worry about whether you signed some one up or not your signups will come and lots of them.

    Too many people join programs and right out of the gate they expect to get new team members. That's not how it works. You should only have to get good at collecting the emails and your team leaders, like those on Team UOIS, are responsible for creating the high converting copy and videos. And this should boost your confidence and spirits: You do not have to have a big list, meaning collect a lot of emails, in order for you to start seeing results.

    With a list of less than 11,000 Team UOIS leader, Michelangelo, earns $500k a year. And it's because he has creating highly converting videos and content down to a science. In closing, we encourage you to focus on collecting emails using Free advertising and Paid advertising methods. We promise you get good at this and you will make money. Click Here To Join Our Team


    Network Marketing Success Starts With Your Mind


    One of the most overlooked steps for success in Network Marketing is the state of your mind. That's right! Success in online business begins with the mind. Michael Dlouhy has a mental cleansing program that has each member of the group read a chapter in the book "Thing And Grow Rich". Also you are required to let go of the negative inputs to your mind...things like CNN news (constant negative news) and negative newspaper articles..etc.

    Well, i thought this all was a joke...but it's not a joke. My network marketing business was getting be down so i started the "mental cleansing" sessions just to see if this so called "law of attraction worked". And i got rid of all marketiing systems that i had that would make money to support my marketing efforts.

    About a week went by and my cell phone ringed and the voice on the other end wanted to join me in my online business at the very top level. Well this was just off the chain. As long as i had a negative mindset in my subconsious mind, i was getting negative results in my business. The funny part of this picture is that you can think you positive on a conscious level but on the subconscious level you are negative.

    Network Marketing success starts with a "mental cleansing" of your subconsious mind which when you're are in business for yourself and marketing by yourself will not allow you to get rid of the poverty and negative mindset in your "subconscious mind". By now you're are probably saying that i must be "out of my mind"...well so be it but if you're not making any money online and your networking is NOT working, it may be your mind. Listen grab Mr Dlouhy"s book from my website and see for yourself!


    Keeping it real!



    MLM Success Step 1- Audit Your MLM Home Business With A MLM Truth Report!


    I don't have lot of new secret ways to earn you tons of money in your mlm home business but what i do have is worth your time to look over and save yourselves thousands of dollars to boot. You probably have heard of Lana Robinson...if not, then here is an exsert from here "Home Business Audit Report" that will allow you to see what's she is all about:

    "Friends, you are being taught right now using techniques that treat you as you are used to being
    treated….as employees or gophers. Every company out there knows that you have spent your life
    being groomed to be the perfect employee. They know it is EXTREMELY expensive to train
    you with new techniques and far less costly to teach you as you have been accustomed. Your
    companies know very well that the failure rate in this business is 90%. Your leaders and
    companies both know that the odds of you being around in six months are 10 to 1. 10 to 1!!! If
    you went to Vegas tomorrow would you play those odds? Heck no, that‟s why your company
    never told you the odds before you placed the bet with your paycheck. This isn‟t Vegas and they
    don‟t have to tell you the downside. They don‟t have to tell you that making a list of your friends
    and family is the best way for them insure their own growth and success and absolutely one of
    the worst ways for you to create that huge income for yourselves. You don‟t need us to prove
    that, take a look around! 90% of the people you see at your meetings this month, won‟t be back
    next month. Poor sobs will be back working J.O.B‟s and consuming that silly, nasty tasting,
    miracle bark for months hoping they still might get lucky."

    Now you know that this wonderful lady is the real deal and if you really want the truth about your mlm home business opportunity and if you are on track for successsm, then click on the link below and download your FREE report now!


    Keeping It Real!

    James B Byrd



    MLM Home Based Business-Targeting The Right People For Success

    When i was growing up in Michigan, my next door neighbor was an avid hunter and evey year he would asked me to go duck hunting. Well i finally broke down and went along. We had been waiting in the duck blind about an hour or so and a flock of ducks were coming in for a landing. Well i figured if i just shot in the middle of the flock, i would hit a least one duck. To my surprise i didn't hit any. Many people operated there MLM home based business the same way. They never target the right prospects to help them build their network marketing business.


    It's absolutely important to really target the exact type of people who will help you build your mlm home based business. You have a lot of venues to choose from. Proffessional mailers have learned the optimum ways to target the best prospects to mail to. And in that kind of business, it is extremely expensive to make a mistake when you send mail.

    The most successful mailers say that what makes cash money isn't the body of the mailing they send out - it is the names on the list they send to. And this may sound really different, but the number one criterio that predicts whether a person will purchase is, has this person ever bought the same item before? Sounds like this couldn't possibly be important, but it is 100% true.

    Mail order proffessionals only send their mailings to targeted prospects who have already bought the exact same item, or something nearly like it. Why would this work? Because this is a targeted prospect who has step up to the plate as a person interested in exactly what you are selling. that means your very best prospects are targeted. They are searching for the MLM opportunity that will most likely guarantee the success they want.

    Several years ago, MLM veteran Michael Dlouhy wrote the ebook "Success In 10 Steps." Like the facts in this article, the ebook shows you why so many people fail in an MLM business. One of the most interesting facts is that some network marketing companies have selected a compensation plan that pays good money to a select few people, and pays virtually nothing to the 99% of reps looking to build a mlm home based business part-time to achieve their financial goals.

    The idea is that if you can market a few people who get 6-figure or 7-figure monthly paychecks, that will lure thousands of people into the business. The catch is, there's only so much money to had. And the more the top guns get, the less there is for everybody else. Audit your home business and get on the right track with this FREE downloadable report just click on the link below: 


    james byrd
    Internet Marketing Specialist



    What Is A Home Business Vs Work From Or At Home?

    We often advertise home business or Work from or at home as meaning one in ths same but is that so?

    1. I think a home business is a business you work from home but you don't have to work it all the time because of a residual cash flow component. Like some basketball players take a play off during the game but can't take the whole game off without losing the game.

    2. A work from home mom or dad on the other hand is not the owner of the business but a worker in the business. When a work at home mom or dad stop working, the money stops. There is no residual income. Like many single tier affiliate programs. If you stop getting sales, the money stops.

    In your mlm network marketing business, are you really a home business owner or just someone working from or at home? Maybe thats the reason for the high failure rate?We have been misinformed.

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