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    How To Make Money With Articles- The Power Of KeyWords

    Keywords and their location are critical parts for optimizing your articles for the search engines. Search engines read the pages in a way that makes it important to put your keywords that detect and identify as keyword, so that your article will appear when someone keyword it.

    What Makes A Word A Keyword?

    A keyword is a word placed several times in a article, not just once as that would make every word  a keyword. When a search engine spider recognizes that you have a word placed multiple times in an article, it is determined that the page can be useful for users searching for that keyword.

    Article Optimization

    Importantly, there are also things like optimizing your articles for particular words, that  is known as "keyword stuffing". When you use too many keywords in your articles the spiders will know that you are cheating trying to position your article high in the search results, and instead will penalize your site. This can affect the ranking of other pages or blacklist your site from certain search engines.

    Why Keyword Density?

    Keyword keyword X2y2z put some items back. Most use a percentage to determine how often items placed keyword. For example, if you have a 500 word article and want to reach 5% density keyword, then you would need use the keyword exactly 25 times.

    You can find hundreds of resources and guides recommending one over the other density keyword, and the reasons behind the logic, however, ultimately determines what density more favorable for that article. Each individual must determine their own density based on previous testing,then you can choose what you want for your keyword density.

    The Right Keyword density

    No matter what you choose for keyword density, it is important to do more keywords beginning and the end to create an hourglass effect. When the keyword density is right, you will be more likely to make money with articles because they will place higher in the search results and will be seen more people.

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    How To Become An Authority In Front Of Your Customers Through Article Promotion Part 1

    For those who were thinking of spending your hard-earned hard earned cash for a specific product, would you like better to make that purchase from individual whom you thought to be an authority, or from a person who you were not certain knew anything about what you were paying for?


    The purpose here is to use article promotion to your edge. It is really a sensible way to  boost your reputation as being a reliable expert for your prospects, a great way to obtain traffic to your site, in addition to a powerful way to grow your business!


    Article promotion is an excellent method to efficiently build your standing as an authority. It's not too difficult to carry out and in its entirety totally free, plus it carries a enormous impact! A well-written article that is packed with good, reliable facts is the kind of article that will find its path before potentially a lot of readers! Each one of your readers could become potential customers!


    First, how can article promotion make you an authority? It's not difficult, actually. If you distribute a dynamic article online – one that informs, helps and also entertains, people will look over it and associate you with the subject matter of the article. Should you publish more articles on the comparable topic or relevant topics and people find those articles to possibly be helpful and beneficial, people will begin to think about you as an expert on the topic. They might jump between your articles and learn to build a terrific regard for both you and your knowledge.

    Stay tune for Part 2

    James B Byrd



    Build Web Traffic With a Good Press Release

    Traffic is the secret of success online. Not just getting visitors to your site, but getting people who are targeted and interested in what your website is all about. Prospects who come as a result of a specific topic are more than likely to turn into customers who will become loyal and buy from you again and again. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to create some buzz in the right places.

    Businesses have known for years how to initiate buzz: you get the press involved. And the best way to do this is to write a great press release and send it to all the right places.

    The format of a press release is a semi-set format designed to be both informative yet brief. It needs contact information, a media spokesperson at the top and boilerplate text about your company and contact information at the bottom. Press release sites will give you samples and examples of formats to follow. The top and bottom portion of the press releases doesn't change, only the news in the middle.

    Once you have a template, ask whether the news you have is really newsworthy. The media is used to hearing about online store openings and big sales - what makes your store new and different, truly worthy of coverage? Recent unique online businesses I've heard of include a date matching site for self-described nerds and an automatic dog wash appliance; these are the sorts of things that get on the news. If your business isn't unique in this way, find an angle that makes people sit up and listen - donate something really special to a charity or overseas soldiers, for instance, or come up with a fun new way of doing things.

    An example: let's say your business makes custom doll clothes. How about matching the doll's clothes to the child's favorite outfit? Or working with the Girl Scouts to teach young girls how to make clothes themselves, and donate the resulting works of art to a children's hospital or Toys for Tots? It's things like this that make the media melt.

    Write your press release like a news story. Remember a little journalistic secret. A lot of stuff you read in the newspaper is written straight from press releases. Editors dislike rewriting; they don't want to hire reporters to go out and track down stories. Good press releases that read like newspaper articles stand a very good chance of gaining publicity simply because its well-written and formated correctly.

    All other writing rules apply: clarity, conciseness, and truthfulness without spin. You want your article to begin with a hook, a compelling idea or question that will "hook" the attention of readers. You need it to be active in tone, not passive ("Danny kicked the ball" vs. "The ball was kicked by Danny"). Focus in the story needs to be on your special news and on your business, not on anything else. And don't use exclamation points or flowery language to make your dull news seem exciting - this never works. Just stick with the facts, and if the facts aren't compelling by themselves, change what you're doing until they are.

    When you have completed your press release, what's next? On the web, there are dozens of services like PRWeb, where you can submit them for a small fee. In turn, they will send it out to hundreds of media outlets. You should also have a press release section on your own site, listing subsequent press releases as written. It will become part of your press kit and promotion will take on a snowball effect over time.

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    - Kale McClelland


    Your Easy Article Writing Tips-Provide A Solution To A Need Of Your Targeted Audience

    Welcome to the first Easy Article Writing Tips.
    In the coming weeks, I will post some "easy article writing tips" that will help you increase your website traffic by providing meaningful content.
    First tip:
    A good way to write a popular article is to find a problem or a need that the people in your target audience have and then provide them with an answer that will help them solve it. People like to read things that offer solutions to problems and preferably ones that are not too hard. Articles that contain easy to follow steps work very well in just about any situation. For instance; "Three Steps to Network Marketing Success" or "How to Increase Your Website Traffic in Four Easy Steps." You must assure the reader that you have a possible solution to their problem.

    Keep that in mind when you are deciding what to write in your next article and you will have an easier time deciding what to write about. Stay tuned for more of"Your Easy Article Writing Tips in the coming weeks.



    Free Reprint Articles: The Secret to Increased Web Site Profits

    Like most web authors, you probably fight with the troubles of attracting more people to your web site. In fact, your advertisement profits depend on increasing your number of readers. So how do you draw more ad-clickers to your blog cheaply and quickly? How can you boost your search engine rankings on your site's most sought articles and get readers to find your site?

    You should positively consider sending your innovative content to an article directory.

    An article directory, aka free reprint directory, is a storage area of works that other bloggers may use free of charge. The only hook is that the author's name and backlink to their website must stay attached to the finished work.

    If these are reprinted freely, how exactly does an article directory assist you? They assist you by drawing traffic to your website. Bloggers publish one of your articles to add useful content to their site.Readers of the website then click on your link and link back to your site.

    Obviously, article reprint directories serve a win-win situation - you get more clicks, and the bloggers using your articles increase their page views.

    Articles of any word count, type, or subject matter may be submitted to an article directory. It is as easy a mouse click. The article directory provides your name and link with your article, and everyone who reprints it is required to do the same. You get more traffic when people read your article at the article directory, and again as your article is used on another website and viewed by viewers og that website.

    Whether or not you publish your articles, you should seriously consider leveraging the articles written by others Article directories provide a wide assortment of articles about every possible theme, many of them are intentionally written to be keyword rich. Bear in mind that the attention with which you lace keywords into your writing will result in increased search engine traffic!

    There is no risk in the use of these articles, since they are free in the first place. Most free reprint articles are penned by talented bloggers and writers like you. Don't forget that you can of course select only the free reprint articles you feel pass your quality standards.

    Whether you decide to submit your articles to a reprint site, whether you might want to make use of the rich content these sites contain, or whether you might wish to do both, you are guaranteed to increase traffic to your website - and best of all, it won't cost you a dime!

    - Daiv Russell