Dr James B Byrd
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    When you say something is the best, simplest home business sponsoring system, you have to have some facts and not hype. The Funded Streamline Sponsoring system for home businesses and mlms is a simple funded proposal system with an affordable home based business that generates free leads and income to help build your primary business and pay for your advertising and expenses.

    It is shown that 97% or more of the people who enter online network marketing business fail within 3-6 months or even less because they lack the ability to sponsor new people, market their home based businesses online and don't have a duplicable system to train others who come into their downline. This scenario leads to what is called a "dead downline.

    Sad to say but the beautiful website provided to home business companies is used as a purchase portal and not for gaining new people for your network marketing business. EFB provides a simple 3 step home business sponsoring system that can bring new people into your primary business without the pressure of "cold calling" on the telephone. FSS takes the "sale and tell" out of sponsoring new people. It removes personality out of the way and allows the newbie who is not gifted in telling and convincing to be successful in an online home business. FSS home business sponsoring system has all the training and marketing materials in your own back office. That translates into access to the same system in each of the people you sponsor. Now you have synergy and success as everyone using the same methods for success. This network marketing sponsoring system is simple and it "allows you to earn and not burn" while you learn what it takes to earn profits in an online network marketing business. Never make another "cold call" again and stop spending your money on old stale leads. The FSS sponsoring system generates FREE Leads 4 Life . Check it out by clicking on this link: http://www.networkmarketingsmarts.biz 

    James B Byrd


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