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    Network Marketing Success- You Gotta Push The Button


    discouraged man











    This picture of a discourage man. That was me before i found out my personallity type. I come from an engineering backgound so i had a tendency to analyze things to death. Some of them were relevant facts and some ot them were just interesting stuff to know. Green personalities love to be in the know about everything but are just never able to commit to anything. I develop a bad habit of jumping from one business to another because the  the "facts" seem better. What i didn't know is that it's not just facts you must have but you must also have facts that lead to success in network marketing.






    Another problem i had was severe discouragement. Yep, just like the guy in the picture, after i had figured it all out. Set everthing i learn i failed miserably. I didn't make any money in network marketing but i had all the facts. When i came joined in Mentoring For Free the 2nd time(lol), i know what i should have know from the begining. "A man that trust in his own heart is a fool". I know now that doing too much fact finding was really a "trust issue for me". I just could't push the button to get started because i didn't really trust others to know more then what i needed to know. After all i am the master of the fact finders.

    To find relief from discouragement in networking mlm business and get on the road to success, Mentoring For Free had a Mental Cleanse class that lasted 30 days. To my surprise, the  positive "self talk" session solved the problem of being discourage accumulating all the facts with no network marketing success. If yor're a green personallity and you want to be successful in network marketing before you die trying. Click on this link below and save time, money and frustration. By the way this Ebook is FREE CLICK HERE

    The 3 Secret Ps For Network Marketing Success Online Or Offline



    Network marketing success online or offline still seem to carry a great amount of failures. The failure rate has remained consistant over a 20 year or more period. Today, many leading network marketers say that 99% of the people who start an online business never make a profit. Many of those who continue without success in network marketing are addicted to feeling of  "almost making it big". Well all most is good enough! Many have lost $100o's of dollars and valuable time trying to make money online.

    Now, i don't claim to be a super expert about the network marketing business but my mentor, Micheal Dlouhy has taught me many truths about this business and he is the top person in his company and founder of Mentoring For Free, a network marketing mentoring group that has been around over 10 years.


    I have called these 3 P's a secret because so many innocent people try be successful in the network marketing business using the emotional hype without substance or evidence. The have faith in the hype but hype is hype and not the reality that believing the hype will fill up your bank account...usually it's just the opposite.

    1) The first Secret P is passion from a pure mind. Your zeal or passion must have a pure motive to serve others and not yourself. It is a passion that makes those you come in contact better off then before they even met you. This passion is a servant passion. It is a selfless care for some you don't really know but you empathize with there need and try and help them without any strings attached. Network marketing is a relationship business period.

    Your mind must be pure from negativity. Your mind and our mind must be cleanse of  any negative thoughts and feels to ever have a chance at network marketing success. In fact negative energy will sabotize your very own asparation for online success.

    2) The product of the network marketing company that you pick must meet your need and match your personality type. The idea is that if the product price point is such that you make a $1 off the standard autoship and you need residual monthly  income of $1000, then you would need 1000 people in your downline. In order to get 1000 people, you will have to be a excellent sales person. Only 5% of the overall population can sell or even like to sale.

    3) The process of methods that you need to get 1000 people must then be able to duplicate for all those you bring in to your business. Notice that the process you used must work most of the time all the time for anyone even if they aren't the sales type of individual. Using the process correctley must bring your team member network marketing success.

    Not only must the process bring network marketing success when used, new team members must be able to train on the new process while you're sleep. Why? You may have people all over the world signup and want to get started training. In other words, the trainable and the coachable must be able to be trained and coached by the process that you are going to use.

    Remember, it takes team work to make the dream work.  To get more information to help make your network marketing dream work. CLICK HERE

    5 Pillars Company For MLM Success Michael Dlouhy




    Today is the frist day of summer and it is the slowest time of the year for Network Marketers. In spite of the slow down, many new marketers swarm the internet looking for the latest best mlm company. Sad but true, many are just have a dream and a gut feeling that if they get lucky they can get all their financial issues taken care of. But the fact of the matter is that 99% of network marketers will never earn a dime.
    Many will blame themselves for the great losses of time and money. I have good news for your. It.s not your fault and you can make money in the right mlm company if it is a 5 Pillar company. Michael Dlouhy gives must no information about what these 5 Pillars are that will save you tons of money and years of frustration. Make sure to look at this video.. it's FREE. Then go to http://simplemlmsuccess.com and get the FREE ebook "Success In 10 Steps" ...How easy is that?

    Can You Really Become A Network Marketing Success?

    WHY Network Marketing? | Can You Really Succeed With Network Marketing?
    http://NoMoreMLMHeadaches.com Rich Guzman 413-504-3110 WHY Network Marketing? WHY Network Marketing? WHY Network Marketing is the ideal vehicle for the avera...

    Can you really become a network marketing success?

    Network Marketing is about networking with people who are like minded and

    come together for the same goal with the same mindset and likes.

    Using this definition of what network marketing success is defined as by my

    point of view, we see first of all when you network with people you have a

    relationship with them.

    2) You come together for the same goal. Online many people really

    never come together. We blindly spam people where ever we find

    them and even build email lists of "spamed people" who most of

    the time are just "tire kickers or burn outs on their last burn.

    3)The same mindset and likes are necessary for unity of the

    network marketing team. We have had so many negative

    experiences in life that we have a negative mindset full of

    excuses and pitiful naratives of failures thar we are no good

    to anyone including ourselves. An ancient Chinese proverbs

    says that if the head is rotten the whole body is also.

    If you really want to be successful in network marketing

    start getting your mind right and success will follow!

    Click on the the link below and get Michael Dlouhy's FREE Ebook:

    "Success In 10 Steps"


    Using this definition of what network marketing success is defined as by my

    point of view, we see first of all when you network with people you have a

    relationship with them

    MLM Team Building-The 6 Pillars For The Network Marketer

    MLM Success Tips | Three MLM Team Building Tips


    Michael Dlouhy created the 5 pillars for evaluating a network marketing business. I've created my own 6 pillars for the network marketer. Regardless of how wonderful the business is, you as a network marketer need these pillars to be successful.

    Pillar #1: Don't join any network marketing company unless you are going to give 100% of your effort to your success.

    Have you ever joined a network marketing business because a friend convinced you that it was a great company and when you joined you would make a lot of money? Did you then just sit there waiting for the money to pour in? Network marketing is work just like any other business. Unless you give it 100%, you will not reap the rewards.

    Pillar #2: Join a network marketing company whose products or services you truly believe in and you will use. Don't join it just because you think you are going to make a lot of money or because someone else told you that it is a great company because it meets the 5 pillars of success or any other criteria.

    Just because someone else tells you that a company is great, if you don't like the products or services, you will not have the passion to promote them and will quit when obstacles become too great.

    Pillar #3: Do not join a company that requires you to stock products every month just to keep your membership if you are not going to be able to sell or use them. You will either become overwhelmed or resentful and this will keep you from being successful.

    Network marketing companies thrive on requiring their distributors to purchase a quota of product each month. It benefits them but it only benefits you if you are able to resell the product or if you would have purchased the product for your personal use anyway. If you can't see how you can move the product, don't join the company because you will end up spending more money than you make and will have a garage full of merchandise you don't know what to do with.

    Pillar #4. Don't do it alone. The key to success in network marketing is building a strong team that will support you. Look for a strong upline leader and allow them to help you build a strong downline.

    When you look for a company to join, look for a builder in the company and hop on board with them. Make sure that it is someone who believes in training their team and with whom you feel comfortable voicing challenges and asking for help. Keep in mind that there are many successful network marketers who are great at closing the sale but who are not trainers or team builders. Then follow the strategies of your team leader to build your own downline.

    Pillar #5: Educate yourself on new ways to promote your business. Do not blindly follow one leader. Listen to many leaders and choose the methods that work best for you.

    Technology and the internet have changed how network marketers can promote their business. The options are vast and growing to allow you to connect personally with potential recruits from around the world. Use online methods to promote your business. Don't rely solely on techniques that worked in the pre-internet age.

    Pillar #6: Become your own leader so people will want to follow you. Learn how to brand yourself to stand out among the crowd.

    Instead of promoting your business opportunity to anyone who will listen including family and friends who have no interest in what you are doing, learn how to position yourself as a leader in your field using attraction marketing so that recruits will ask you how they can join your business.

    By: Meri Howard

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    Go to www.netleadsexplosion.com"> www.netleadsexplosion.com to learn to learn more ways to promote your network marketing business. Meri Howard is an Online Business & Marketing Coach. To learn how she can help you structure your business for massive profitability, go to www.merihoward.com