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    Email Advertising-Is It Dead?

    The person who asserts that email marketing is dead obviously has not taken a look at the off-line businesses or online Network Marketing businesses that are making profits hand over the fist! As a matter of fact, a well developed list of email contacts is worth its byte size in gold! Granted, there have been abuses in the field of email marketing and many see the receipt of unsolicited emails as one of the major annoyances while traversing the information super highway, but in spite of the negative public relations that is associated with this form of doing business, the harvest by far outweigh the hardships!

    Emailing your way to the top of your network marketing business or chosen profession does not inquire a lot of skill but it does require some foresight, great care, and meticulous cultivation of the most important asset you will have in a marketing campaign: email contacts!

    These contacts represent you in  companies that are traded on the Stock Exchange as well as network marketing entrepreneurs. They are your behind the scenes contacts that are your foot in the door and thus allow you to destroy the competition by directly emailing the man or woman in charge by name rather than sending a generic “dear friend or "hi friend" email which is virtually always destined for the delete folder.

    If you are ready to email your way to success in your online network marketing business, begin by culling email addresses from the correspondence that is sent to you. Unremittingly annotate the sender’s name, title, and concern she or he represents. Existing market or customers will be your first source of email addresses that you can use for augmentation your email list. Next are the emails of those who will sign up to receive your information. This will require that you make your presence known on the internet and produce an interest in what you have to say. Publishing a niche specific newsletter that contains articles and interesting tidbits and quotes are a great way to get started. Blogging or posting in your niche specific forums with a link to your newsletter sign up page is also a great way to get more email addresses.

    Web surfers are drawn to free offers, and a give away noted in your newsletter may be the best way to get more consumers to sign up for it. Another great way to entice consumers to offer their email address is the promise of free coupons and the notice of samples, specials, and other promotional materials that other users will not receive. Yet while these email addresses are very valuable, do not abuse them! Be upfront about the frequency with which you send out emails! If you promise a weekly newsletter, make sure you mind up on that promise. Failure to deliver will translate into a lack of trust potential customers will have in your business. Conversely, if you promise a weekly email, do not send daily notices.

    Utilizing the power of this kind of email list for your marketing efforts is highly valuable! You already have the names and contact information of qualified leads, and all you really need to do is find the product or deal to which they will respond.

    James B Byrd
    "All About You And Success"
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