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    OJN New Network Marketing Smarts Training Rocks


    Hello children, welcome to Network Marketing School. You all probably remember going to school for the very first time. For some it was a fun day for the first day and others just miserable. Thousands of people come into the network marketing industry without going to even the first day of school.

    What i am going to aim for on this blog is to go to a network marketing smarts school that will make you a better online marketer using Face Book as your marketing platform. Most of the training is FREE and will never exceed 10 dollars. If your click on the bus image above or this link below, you will be able to set in on the 5th grader's class. Here is the link: http://networkmarketingsmarts.com


    Network Marketing Success- How Succeed In MLM Network Marketing

    Hello again. Today i won't to deal with the topic of how to succeed in MLM Network Marketing. Now you can buy ebooks all over the ineternet of the dos and don'ts for network marketing success. Most of them will finally end up getting money from you. I want to share with you how somethings that you can do that will not continue to put you farther in debt. It takes network marketing smarts to do this. There is personal development, a marketing system for the masses and a marketing plan

    1. Personal Development: Many people skip this point completely. Life may have got ugly and drove them to the internet to try to make a living or earn some extra income in network marketing. Some have never had the opportunity to develop themselves and bring a lot of negative expeiences and attitudes with them. Success in mlm network marketing will be frustrating and impossible because to be a success in this business you must have a positive attitude and an abundant mindset. Ultimatley, network marketing success is not about the products or your juice you sell but you.

    2. Marketing System For The Masses. When i joined my 1st mlm business, i didn't even know what marketing systems were. I finally figured out that in many "old school mlm network marketing companies you were the marketing system. When i stopped the marketing stopped. I could only be me and i was good at being me. That was the problem, no one else could be me so i was a one man stimulus package and soon crashed and burn. Those new to network marketing usually don't have a clue on how to market much less what maketing is all about. If you want to succeed at mlm network marketing, implement a marketing system that is easy for everyone to use and is FREE so anybody can afford it.

    3. Marketing Plan. Yes you have to have plan the work and work the plan. I meet a marketer who when i had joined his business, he told me where i could get free leads and cold call them. He was using "old school network marketing tactics. He was good on the phone because that's all he did was talk to people. His marketing plan for me was to talk to people or just do what you do. Well my marketing plan has 2 major componets. Active and passive. The active componet is writing and sending out ads to lists, Pay Per Click, article writing and classified ads. You must obtain enough skills and knowledge to help the newest member of your team develop their own marketing plan based on their skill level. Visit this link to begin your mlm network marketing success journey. www.mlmsuccessmagic.com


    Network Marketing-What Is Success

    Hi, james again from sunny Kalamazoo. In my first exposure to network marketing, i thought success was a bag of gold. I really thought success was all about winning. But i have tempered my view to understand that maybe success is like games that kids play. It's got to be fun.

    I was caught up about being successful in network marketing at any cost. Stiff upper lip and forge ahead. Running through any barriers that may get in the way. Then i notice something. The very thing that was suppose to give me time freedom had really taken all the "spare" time that i had!

    All the fun had gone out of network marketing, i was on a time table to reach a goal. I remember playing baseball as a kid. I think the goal was to win the game but have fun doing it. I suppose since we did win championships and awards but over the years, the memories are not about the trophies we won but about the relationships and fun we had playing the game.

    I wonder if we are taking the fun out of network marketing by being so set on winning at any cost. I am thankful i came across a great read by John Fogg " The Greatest Networker in the World". It has helped me to learn that winning at network marketing isn't everything, it's how much fun you having playing the game. Visit this link to get a free download of this ebook classic
    now, you owe it to your sanity.

    james b byrd


    MLM Troubles- Don't Get Froggy!

    James again from rainy Kalamazoo, Mi. I have been looking around the internet for some truth tellers. Many marketers are having MLM troubles and no one is addressing the problem. Many mlmers just get "froggy" hopping from one $10,000 week deal to another.

    It's sad and alarming because thousands of dollars are being lost by those who can least afford it. MLM troubles will always be until we figured it out that we need a team of people to help us be success in network marketing. You need a network to work with you to make the income that you need and deserve.

    How do you create a network or team of people you know, like and trust when you don't even your neighbor's name across the street. Some networkers are limited by their personalities and will have great difficulty overcoming that hurdle. This is what i suggest; join a team of people where you can develop relationships and learn network marketing at the same time. This will allow you to create your own network and stop being "froggy". Your MLM troubles will continue to exist until you build your own team. Visit this link if you are tired of jumping around like a frog: http://www.networkmarketingsmarts

    james b byrd
    New System Generates Hot Leads For Your Business:


    Network Marketing Opportunity-Preventing Failure From Being Your Only Option

    Hi again, hope you had a great weekend! I had an "Aha" moment about the network marketing industry. As i looked back over my past, i saw some critical mistakes that was keeping from moving forward in my network marketing business. I really never thought about the people i that was marketing. I just did what my upline told me without even thinking because i wanted to be a team player. Yes i got mlm rookie of the month and got to speak on training calls but i didn't have a clue about marketing.

    There really are 3 types of people that you can market online. You can market to network marketing opportunity buyers, network opportunity recruiters or product consumers, Now if you only have the company's affiliate website without a capture page and your marketing efforts consists of contacting friends and family then sending them to the website, you really are in direct selling and not network marketing. You are 100% commission and you don't even know it.

    Just think what would have been your answer to your friend if they would have told you that your mlm business opportunity was 100% commission. You would have looked a little closer and found out that if your monthly auto-ship was $50 and you received 4$ on every sale, you would need 13 recurring sales per month to make $2 profit. If the same product can be bought at your local super market or health store, you will find your customers will soon disappear.

    The only way to make the money you want is to leverage other peoples efforts that most new marketers don't have. You need a network in network marketing to make a good income. You need a list of people coming into the business opportunity with you or you have to build your own list. You know doubt have heard that the money is in the list. That is 100% true! You must aquire list building skills and build your own list or network. If you don't failure is your only option. Learn how you can avoid failure and have your own automatic business at: