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    Network Marketing-What Is Success

    Hi, james again from sunny Kalamazoo. In my first exposure to network marketing, i thought success was a bag of gold. I really thought success was all about winning. But i have tempered my view to understand that maybe success is like games that kids play. It's got to be fun.

    I was caught up about being successful in network marketing at any cost. Stiff upper lip and forge ahead. Running through any barriers that may get in the way. Then i notice something. The very thing that was suppose to give me time freedom had really taken all the "spare" time that i had!

    All the fun had gone out of network marketing, i was on a time table to reach a goal. I remember playing baseball as a kid. I think the goal was to win the game but have fun doing it. I suppose since we did win championships and awards but over the years, the memories are not about the trophies we won but about the relationships and fun we had playing the game.

    I wonder if we are taking the fun out of network marketing by being so set on winning at any cost. I am thankful i came across a great read by John Fogg " The Greatest Networker in the World". It has helped me to learn that winning at network marketing isn't everything, it's how much fun you having playing the game. Visit this link to get a free download of this ebook classic
    now, you owe it to your sanity.

    james b byrd


    Network Marketing Opportunity...The Right Place At The Right Time!

    Hi, have you notice about every network marketing opportunity it's always the right place at the right time. It's easy to find this kind of hype all over the web. The real deal for a new networker is not really being at the right place at the right time but having as your upline a sponsor or a recruiter.

    When i was in my first network marketing opportunity, i had an upline who was really neither. He didn't teach me how to recruit because he did not have the CEO personality to recruit and he did not have a "proven system" that was duplicatable to teach me so that i could teach others.

    The difference between a sponsor and recruiter is that the recruiter is like a one night stand. They sign you up and never call or email you with instructions on how to "pump up your volume". They may offer one of their DVDs or CDs that tells about the possibility of success but never teach you step by step to reach your financial goals.

    A sponsor will model the corrected behavior and give you the leadership and tools that is needed for you to become a sponsor. A sponsor duplicates his/her self. And this process is push down through out the team.

    Your network marketing opportunity is only the right place at the right time when you have a sponsor for a mentor. If you are still looking right business opportunity at the right place. Visit this link:


    james b byrd
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    MLM Business Opportunity - What's In It For Me?

    Have you ever really considered an mlm business opportunity and forgot to ask the most important question? That is "whats in it for me"? I had a person try and recruit me into their deal by responding to my ad as someone who is interested in my deal but whose agenda was to pitch their deal.

    The person went on to tell me how great a binary pay plan was and how they were in love with their pay plan. Well, this was mind boggling because a binary pay plan usually works good for the "heavy hitters" up above you because if you fail to reach your sales volume requirement, you "flush" your accumulated BV(business volume) to the "heavy hitters" above you. I really needed no education on a binary compensation plan because my first mlm business opportunity was a binary pay plan. We then agreed to check out each other's deal.

    Hey, was i suprised when i arrive at their website. I looked to see what was in it for me and couldn't find a thing. Nada...Zilch! There was only a generic "squeeze page" that was designed by a lead company. Wow! Here's the deal...you couldn't find out any info about "what's in it for me" until you answered a generic questionaire about your interest in a home business, how much you wanted to make per month...etc. This was just a "lead harvest capture page" probably used by heavy hitters in a venture partnership with the lead company.

    Theres a lot of that going on these days. By the way, if there is no income disclosure form available, usually it's a good sign to procede with caution. Make sure to look at the bottom of the capture page to see who the website is designed by. If the mlm company dosn't own the software, they don't retain rights to the geneology lists. Always keep this question in your mind,
    "what's in it for me?" Visit this link to find out what's in it for you!:

    james b byrd
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    MLM Warning- High Opt-In And Group Volume Requirements

    It's been a great week! I hope yours has gone well. This is the season of Network Marketing and new mlms are popping up all over the internet so here is an mlm warning. Beware of mlm companies which have an high opt-in fee and Group Volume requirements.

    Here's why. When it cost you over $500 to join the mlm or network marketing opportunity, you are already $500 in the hole and haven't sold a single product or signed up a single individual. The best deal is that it shouldn't cost you a single penney. The high opt-in fee usually gets you a "starter kit" that starts you on your way to more debt! More debt, is not what you are searching for. The rest of the money goes for "fast start bonuses" to your sponsor and the "heavy hitters" that are in your upline. Try and find a situation that dosn't set you up for failure through "high opt-in fees.

    The other thing to be aware of is the Group Volume requirements. This is the sales volume that you must accumulate to be elgible for Group Volume bonuses. If you don't have a certain amount of Group Volume by the end of the month you don't get paid.

    I wish I have received an MLM warning before i joined my first mlm. I had the pressure of maintaining my personal sales volume at a $150 of product/monthly just to accumulate Group Sales Volume. On top of that, it was a binary pay plan that required me to have a 2/3 to 1/3 ratio on my 2 legs. If you had the Group Volume in your legs that fail short of the quantity or of the ratio, you didn't get paid!

    The sad fact of it is that i tried to work this system for 3 years before I figured out! Every year no matter what, I only made money on the products i actully sold. My profit was eat up in my monthly auto-ship of $150 and because my sales came from my personal volume and not a preferred customer, i never really accumulated the right mix of Group Volume to earn the bonuses. I hope someone will read this MLM warning and avoid the mistake that I made.

    If you are looking for an opportunity that is FREE to join and has no Group Sales Volume requirements to get paid; visit this link: http://www.5dollarbailout.com

    james b byrd
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    Network Marketing Advertising- $59 For 1000 Guaranteed Vistors?

    james again, how often have we been seduced by the "guaranteed" visitor hype that promised these visitors would bring quick results? Visions of dollars were jumping in our heads as we got out the plastic and entered our personal info. Ga-Ching , another sucker. It's not the fact that you want get visitors to your site but that is only part of the equation.

    You want targeted prospects to visit your site who are for real! One of the ways people get you "guaranteed" visitors is to use work from home "pay per click" workers. They pay maybe 2 cents per click to the work from home mom or work from home dad. Now lets do the math.

    .02x 1000 visits=$20 and your $59-$20 = $39 profit for the vendor. You and i lose because the visitors were not looking for an opportunity but just another click. What's wrong with this picture is the only losers are us.

    Hey are you are looking for a New free system that sends traffic to your website and pays up to $20 for each lead you generate: visit this link: http://www.networkmarketingsmarts.biz

    james b byrd