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    Is There A “Proven” Network Marketing System?

    We have heard the "hype"about having a "proven" network marketing system that entices those who are "newbies" and some vets to jump the ship that they are on and try something else. I have been guilty myself of "leap frogging" from one "network marketing company to another because of their "proven" system. NPN.biz seems to have a "proven system" that one can "prove themselves"(learn the business) without going broke in the process. The learning curve for a MLM or Network marketing business is costly and discouraging for  those who lack the necessary skills to become successful in a home based business. NPN.biz attacks this problem by providing it's members with an online e-system that don't require a lot of technical skills or know how from the start and also has a low start up cost of $10 followed by a $10 per month payment plan.

    The NPN.biz system has it's own auto-responders and provides follow-up emails for the newbie
    The "downside" is that it really leaves a lot to be desired if you like to "do it your self". People who like to "control things" will be driven up the wall.

    The "proven system" that you may be looking for can be found in the person that is looking back at you in your mirror. You are the "proven system".

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