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    Review of Blogging To The Bank 2.0 ebook

    By now I think most people in the world know about blogs.

    What most don’t know as there is a great income to be made as well for free.

    Rob Benwell is only a mere 22 years old and has already made a fortune using
    this method. Early last year he sharing his secrets with the world in his highly successful Blogging To The Bank ebook and has made making money online
    a whole lot easier for everyone.

    Just over a year after the success of his first book he is now releasing his
    second helping to wet our appetites and keep the fat bucks rolling in.

    I got this book and soon as I could and it covers quite a lot of new information and techniques to adapt your blog to the new demands of the major search engines. Many of the techniques in the old book are now dated and don’t work so well. This is why Blogging To The Bank 2.0 is a godsend.

    Also this guy doesn’t consider himself to be a “guru”, he’s just a normal guy
    who wants to help the little guys out. I find this a nice change as he doesn’t
    talk “down” to you like most of the other guys do. He explains everything in a
    nice simple manor so everyone can understand.

    Saying that when he “goes off on one” it may take a few reads until you get it
    but when you do it’s just shear genius. Some of the topics in my opinion could
    have been covered a little more, then others went into great detail. You also
    get his 5 blogging commandments that you must follow to give you blogs the
    greatest success. This should be printed out and put on the wall of every
    online marketer without a doubt! His book starts off with market research
    (so that you are making the most of your time) to building your blogging
    empire. Everything is covered in this new outing that helps bloggers with
    todays online issues regarding making the all mighty search engines happy.

    Final Verdict: if you are out there in the blogging world and want to make money the easy way then I highly recommend Blogging To The Bank 2.0.
    Why work harder than you need to as the new techniques are there ready for you to simply implement.



    Free Advertising-Now Anyone Can Get Free Advertising….

    As you know some of the best ways to get traffic to your site is through the search engines. And as you know search engines love blogs.

    If you know how to use blogs you can easily get more traffic to your website just by posting your keywords in the title and having your blogs indexed.

    Other ways to get traffic to your site is to use popular free traffic exchanges. They come in many forms such as start (homepage) exchanges, safelists (opt in email ads), toolbar ads such as instantbuzz.com and forums such as the free advertising forum.

    If you are looking to kill 2 birds with one stone, you can advertise for free on a new BLOG that actually allows you to place your ads for free on their site.

    The reason this is good because you get all the benefits of placing your ads on a BLOG and you all get to advertise for free.

    Most people would look at this as a no brainer. Although most webmaster do not like people to advertise on the blogs, this site was made just for that.

    It is free to join and thousands are flocking to this service to drive huge traffic to their sites in ju8st days by simply posting one little ad on their home page.

    Anyone looking to increase their profits should look in to



    Now You Don’t Have To Buy Old, Cold, Stale Business Opportunity Leads Any More!

    New "Website Rocks The World" Of Network Marketing As It Permits It's Operators To Really Operate! FreeNetLeads promises 100 % FREE Business Opportunity Leads. No Cost-Nada-Zilch! The High Conversion Rate Of This Site Is Out Of Sight. It's Hot! And It Works.
    I Never Seen ZERO Cost Advertising but FreeNetLeads Delivers And Sign Up Is Free! They Also Pay Commissions To FREE Members As Well As Paid Members. Get In Now!


    James Grandstaff-Downline Secrets 2 Is A Must Have!

    If you haven't heard yet... James Grandstaff has released "Part 2" of his "Downline Secrets."

    Before I get to my review, I thought I should play a little catch-up in case you have no
    clue as to what Downline Secrets "Part 1" is about.

    Basically with Downline Secrets part 1 you get free access to a recorded call between
    Mike Filsaime and James Grandstaff. Mike asks James questions about the success he hadusing InstantBuzz.com (a free advertising resource) to grow his downline.

    You get access to the MP3 and PDF transcript of the call (which is nice because I don't
    always like to sit in front of my PC to read or listen to content.)

    During the call James reveals how he used his free Instant Buzz traffic along with his
    (now proven) 3 step strategy to explode his downline into the thousands on complete auto pilot.

    The cool part is he did it while maintaining his full time job as a PC support technician
    in Michigan.And from there you have the opportunity to buy the same software that James developed to grow his downline and use it to grow your downline in any program you happen to be involved in.

    So all-in-all DownlineSecrets.com is a great site and offers a lot of great info for free
    on how to build your downline using the web.What makes Downline Secrets "Part 2" so much better is that it takes over where Downline
    Secrets 1 left off.

    What I mean is this...

    With Downline Secrets 1 you were left to figure out all the technical stuff in order
    to duplicate James' results for your MLM business. The software and detailed videos
    are fantastic but you still have to come up with the web copy, the hosting, the HTML
    page design and so on... The yucky stuff.

    Let's just say his target market is much smaller because if you don't have the much
    needed technical skills or the money to hire those with the skills, you are pretty much
    out of luck and can't fully benefit from the entire system he is teaching.

    This time around you get access to a call between James Grandstaff and Chris Zavadowski who is also very successful in the MLM scene.He grills James for over an hour and gets all the must know secrets out of him.

    The system James is offering this time is over the top! He covers all the technical
    stuff for us this time and everything is completely set-up. All the technical issues
    have been removed. This is great because more people can now truly benefit from his
    teachings and proven system.

    Now, I want to let you in on something...Once you register for the call below you
    will see an offer for James' Elite upgrade
    membership. All I can say is ==> TAKE IT!

    It's only $47 bucks and for what you get it's simply mind blowing!

    In a nut shell... he's offering you a professional designed lead capture page
    that gives away a customized version ofhis new manuscript called 'How to Get Rich
    Building a LAZY Downline!'

    This PDF is first customized with your affiliate links to several "generic" MLM
    training resources. As you give this thing away you will earn commissions from those
    you refer who upgrade in any of the programs.

    And since they're all MLM related, the conversion rates should be extremely high!

    All you do is simply advertise the lead capture page via the special link you get
    and James' software sends an email to your prospects (with a link to your customized
    PDF) Everything is on auto-pilot!

    Oh, and don't worry, the traffic aspect is even handled for you. Be sure to check out
    the bonus that's included.

    See, I told you this thing was awesome.As you can see, I'm totally excited aboutthis because it's refreshing to see a great product come along that is truly capable of
    changing the lives of others.

    So yes, Downline Secrets 2 gets my highest recommendation!

    Sign up below and buy everything

    Here's the link:

    Take care of your business and yourself

    james b byrd


    Explode Your MLM Downline With This Super System

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    How To Get Rich Building a LAZY Downline!
    By James Grandstaff

    Discover 3 reasons why building a "Lazy" downline is smarter and more profitable in this shocking report By James Grandstaff.

    Also receive access to a recorded call between James and Chris Zavadowski where you will learn exactly what and what NOT to do if you're serious about building a successful MLM organization online.

    Full transcript and MP3 included as a special bonus.

    A $97 value, yours free!

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