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    5 Affiliate Marketing Tips That Will Make You Money Online

    If you've read about the various benefits of affiliate marketing, it's easy to imagine becoming filthy rich overnight. While it is a great way to bring in some extra revenue, it's also a fiercely competitive method. To make money online in affiliate marketing, there are five things that you should keep in mind.

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    1. Don't Get Overly Ambitious

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when getting started is signing up for too many affiliate programs at once and trying to market them all. If you start out this way, you can be very easily overwhelmed and your ability to promote any of the products well will suffer. At first, just choose a few quality products by understanding the needs of the market and finding what fits in with your site's niche.

    Take Advantage of Various Sources of Traffic

    It's very common for affiliate marketers to display ads solely on their websites. Although there isn't anything wrong with this in and of itself, you should be aware that there are all kinds of alternate sources of traffic that you can take advantage of to promote your products. After all, the more traffic you direct to the sales page, the more likely you will be to make sales.

    For example, you can use Google Adwords to direct traffic to your products' sales page. All you have to do is create an ad with your sales page URL as the link. It's important to remember that this method will require you to keep a constant eye on your conversion rate in order to make sure that you're bringing in more money than you're spending on the campaign.

    Test, Track and Measure

    Many online marketing experts recommend that you use multiple avenues of product promotion in order to determine what works and what falls flat. Split testing and measuring how well each campaign performs allows you to decide on the more appropriate course of action. Just tweaking a few things can have a dramatic impact on how much you make. Be sure to experiment with the placement of ads on your site since they'll be more noticeable in some areas. In most cases, your affiliate programs will provide you with statistical data, but there's no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of your own software for tracking conversions.

    Research Product Demand

    No matter how hard you try, if the product that you're promoting isn't in demand, you're not likely to get many sales. It's recommended that you take the time to do some basic research to see if a particular product is something that your audience would be interested in. If you receive a considerable amount of traffic, you may want to try conducting a poll or survey to find out directly from you customer base.

    Find a Good Merchant

    Every time you promote something through affiliate marketing, you're also vouching for the business or the person who sells the product so don't take your selections lightly. If your audience purchases a product that you've recommended to them and they're not happy with it, it can seriously hurt your reputation. They're probably not going to take any more of your advice and may even recommend that others stay away from your site as well. If you go with products that are sold by reputable companies with a record of quality, you'll benefit from improved customer satisfaction.

    How Envy Can Stop MLM Network Marketing Success Online.

    Envy Can Trump Network Marketing Success.

    Many times online success is not a matter of education, tools or skill but it is the heart of an individual that can cause failure. Many times every stone is turned over to find out what the problem is that is causing failure and it's whats inside of us. The short video below shows how envy can affect your mlm team causing it to disintegrate.


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    Tax Deductions For Home Business Owners


    Home Business Taxes That You Don't Know Can Hurt.

    If you know a few tax facts and get your accountant to implement them, it will save you tons of money and reduce your tax burden for your home business expense. Share this video with your team and they will love you!

    Do Jesus Of Do Me For Network Marketing Success?

    Twisted Crown

    Do I Do Jesus Or Do Me In This Life?

    When i joined 2AM Traffic as an affiliate, I was faced with the task of writing blog post every day. I would try to think about what could i write to encourage my fellow marketers and also be a resource to help them be successful in their business and also in their lives. I came across this picture and it just tore me up inside because as a born again Christian, if i had to renounce who i am to fit in the post modern turn or the present worlds view i would no doubt face criticism and hatred for what i believe. America would stop being America for me if i couldn't express another view point about success from another world.

    Had i allow a different view point allow be to twist my belief. Would i now settle for doing me inside of Jesus Christ? I must then in order to be authentic to others and my true self, not become something i am not for the sake of an "idol of this world"(money). I must not twist what i believe and life has prove to be true for any idol of this world.

    There are Christians dying in the Middle East as i write for what they believe in the same as I because they have decided to Do Jesus. Shall we renounce who we are ? Shall we deny our view points and hid in caves of fear hoping the world will help us be successful in online marketing? No...Christians are more then conquerors in all things. We were created in Jesus Christ for "good works" in the kingdom and in this world. Don't allow our feet to slip when we see the prosperity of the wicked.

    That is what almost happen to me. I started getting it twisted. I was getting it twisted by not mentioning Him(Lord Jesus Christ) to those who read this blog. Humans cannot direct their own paths. We were need created to be God. Many will suffer mental anguish because they can't make a few dollars more on a temporary journey. Resist the hype. Don't get it twisted by pretending to be something you're not. As for me, i will stand for the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ and not allow it to get twisted in my blog posts here at 2AM Traffic. By the way, Jesus already promised and abundant life on the spiritual side instead materialistic illusions.


    Can Faith Alone Bring Network Marketing Success?


    Can Faith Bring Prosperity?

    It appears since the Napoleon Hill's book, "Think And Grow Rich", faith has been one of the major attributes that a person must posses to have any chance for success in the network marketing business.. Faith has been used as justification why a person just can't get it done.

    I have been in "master mind" groups where faith is discussed in such a way that it is a commodity that opens the door to riches beyond the imagination. Some Gurus asked you to imagine the impossible but don't get crazy with it. Be reasonable. Don't look for making $10,000 a month, how about $4oo? That's realistic isn't?

    The word "faith" in the context of the Bible is totally different from what we see in the secular world. In the Bible the object of a person faith is God. It is based on the fact that what ever God promises He is able and unstopple to perform what He has promised. On the other hand, faith as define in the secular world suggest if you can conceive it, you can achieve it. This type of thinking has caused many people to loss tons of many and waste their time which is more valuable then the riches we are chasing.

    Biblical Faith Has God As It's Object

    What does the Bible say about faith. if you do some serious study about faith starting in Hebrews 11:1 which is the definition of faith, you will find that "Faith is the actual possession of things hoped for, the evidence and the existence of evidence and reality of things not seen". The Christian who has Biblical faith is hoping for something and possessing it because God is(He is Real) and God has promised it. Biblical faith only deals with truth and reality. It's knowing whats reality, experiencing reality and possessing reality.


    Secular Faith Has Man As It's Object

    Humans are limited in many ways as compared with the True and Living God. We are limited by time, space ,knowledge and power. We have no way to created something from nothing, we have no perfect plan. But we have an active, powerful, creative imagination.

    Ecclesiastes 7:29 (ASV)
    29 Behold, this only have I found: that God made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions. It is theses inventions of our minds in which we devise plans. Faith based on the ingenuity and the practices of men do not always reap the benefits man promises. In baseball, a game invented by man, a super hitter bating 300 means that they have failed to get a hit, 7-10 times. We have been playing baseball a long time but we have perfected the swing. Just because we have a dream based on an imaginary system, a vision of our own making is not reality even though it "feels right". Empirical evidence will always have a degree of uncertainty. Even is all the numbers are right, you may still miss the mark and not achieve the prosperity you were hoping for that leads to settling for less.