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    MLM/Network Marketing Opportunity-3 Reasons Why A Funded Proposal Is The Only Way To Promote Your MLM/Nework Marketing Opportunity

    With the failure rate of new MLM/Network Marketing Opportunity oweners still hovering at 97%, it just makes good busness sense to find a home business marketing system that will pay for itself and the product requirements of running a business. For the new networker, here are 3 reasons you should consider using a funded proposal as your marketing tool for your mlm/network marketing opportunity.

    1. The exceptional high rate of sales that is generated from an inexpensive info products that funds your advertising and ramps up your business cash flow instantly. You can lower your marketing costs to ZERO (or in some cases make a profit) by selling low cost information products on the front end to your leads. This hyper critical for survival when you consider that 95% - 97% of your leads you generate or purchase will never join your primary MLM/Network Marketing opportunity.

    2. It's always going to be easier to sponsor an existing customer than trying to sponsor a someone you don't even know. You should avoid trying to sell your prospects on your mlm/network marketing opportunity the first time you contact them. You can always sell them an economical information product that offers extreme value and helps them solve a problem.

    3. You get to brand yourself as an MLM expert instead of some dishonest sale person like every other networker who doesn't have a clue to what they are doing.If You start to offer value, build trust and gain respect with your prospects then you become to them more than just another opportunity. You offer a solution to their problems, a system to plug into, and a way to achieve their goal.

    Visit the link below  to see a great funded proposal for marketing your MLM/Network Marketing Opportunity: http://jamesbyrd.sponsordaddy.com


    James B Byrd