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    Funded Proposal Sponsoring- The 5 Benefits Of A Network Marketing Funded Proposal Sponsoring

      Using a funded proposal to build your primary MLMopportunity is the smartest thing anyone could do to insure success in this tough home based businessindustry.

    There are many benefits to why the funded proposal makes real good sense, but I would like to share my five top reasons why everyone should be building a MLM business using this model.

    Especially if your new to network marketing or haven't had any real success yet.

    1. The high rate of sales that gets generated from an inexpensive information product funds your advertising and increases your business cash flow instantly. You can reduce your marketing expenses to ZERO (or in some cases make a profit) by retailing low cost information products on the front end to your leads. This really critical for survival when you consider that 95% to 97% of your leads you generate or buy will never join your primary MLM opportunity.

    2. It's always going to be easier sponsoring an existing customer than trying to sponsor a complete stranger. You should never try selling your prospects on your networking opportunity the first time you have contact. You always sell them an inexpensive information product that offers value and helps them solve a problem.

    3. You get to position yourself as an MLM expert instead of of some sleazy sale person like every other networker that doesn't know what they are doing. You start to offer value, build trust and gain respect with your prospects because you offer them more than just another opportunity. You offer a solution to their problems, a system to plug into, and your help.

    4. Your prospects get pre-trained and educated on how to generate an endless supply of leads independantly so one day they can become a leader who just might be your future business partner. Instead of just trying to sell them on hype and false promisses which is extremely short sighted. So, why not sell them a retail product that will turn them into a better business owner and future leader right from the start?

    5. Using a funded proposal gets your new reps into a positive cash flow situation immediately. Offering a low-priced, fast selling retail product first, funds theirs and yours advertising campaign which gets your new reps into making money as soon as possible. This creates momentum in your team and will decreases attrition or distributor fallout.

    This is the smart way to recruit in network marketing in the information age. This is how the masters of this industry make it happen. Do you think they do home meetings or buy lead and make cold calls?


    They market information, which pays for their advertising, which serves as a never-ending source of free leads for their network marketing business!

    You use a funded proposal online system, (liketheFunded Streamline Sponsoring system itself), as a way to earn immediate profits, which means you can afford endless advertising, which means you can always generate endless leads, which means you can sponsor more reps.

    It's like a perpetual online MLM marketing machine that just keeps feeding off of itself.

    Our ads drive targeted traffic to our Funded Streamline Sponsoring course or FREE Leads 4 Life bonus for us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, completely hands-free...And it does the same thing for all Funded Streamline Sponsoring system users.

    Retail profits from generic information products = Free Advertising = Endless Leads = Endless Home Business Growth!

    I hope you too are starting to see the benefits now :-) visit here and test drive a funded proposal today! http://www.networkmarketingsmarts.biz


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