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    "100 % Compensation Plans Vs MLM Compensation Plans"


        The 100% compensation plan is over revealing the absurdity of the basic MLM compensation with it's high risk and little or no return on your time and dollars. Many first time marketers get caught u in the hype of the huge dollars the "top earners" are making in their company but that is only 3%. 97% of the people in the company can never ever sponsor enough people to even make a car payment much less get a "car bonus".

     The high dropout rate and the retention of 1 person in 10 ever staying long enough to get a team pay check(60 days) is an impossible hurdle to over come just based on the mlm compensation model. The is the only way company's can pay the Gurus to bring their list of people and teams into "new mlm companies.

    Building a team from "ground zero" is possible using the 100 % compensation plans vs the  10% comp plan of mlms. There is some companies that have really tried to marry the 100% instant comp plan with the residual appeal of the MLM compensation plan. With this cash generating system you can generated instant commissions ,your own list of prospects and long term residual income at the system time on autopilot. If you want more info on how to really earn instant cash you can pay bills with and have a residual income for your future. CLICK HERE