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    Is Network Marketing So Easy A Cave Man Can Do It?

    With all of the hype about network marketing and being "so easy" to earn money, one may get the impression that it is "so easy" that a cave man could do it!! Some companies make it seem as though all you have to do is to press that "big red easy" button, lay back and the money comes flowing in to your bank account and checks rain from the sky.

    I must admit that the hype is true in a "twisted" kind of way. An online business is easy to do and easy not to do. As easy as having "luck"(labor under correct knowledge) and not having luck. It is these easy things that can lead to failure.

    Working your network marketing business requires a daily plan of working on you and working in your business. Your personal growth must precede your growth. While reading just 10 pages a day of positive self development material is easy, it is also easy not to do and will soon be your undoing if neglected. Check and see if the company promotes personal growth as much as the compensation plan. If you find that lacking, you will have to take it upon on your self to develop a plan for your personal growth and follow it.

    It is just as easy to have "luck" (Labor Under Correct Knowledge) in a network marketing opportunity as it is to not have "luck". Many online business owners, affiliate business owners and MLMers are very focused and work very hard on their business opportunities, but in any online business, you must have "luck"(Labor Under Correct Knowledge). Someone said "success leaves clues". It is just as easy to work hard using the right principles as it is to work hard using the wrong principles. A biblical writer wrote: "my people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge". Make sure you labor in the foot steps of success so your labor is not useless. If you want to make your mlm network marketing business so easy a cave man can do it,visit the link below today!




    In Your MLM Is The Devil In The Details?

    Some years back, I saw a sign in the window of a karate school that read you could get 1 month FREE with uniform and monthly terms were available. I screeched to a stop and went in the door. I had visions dancing in my head of a soaring, kicking black belt. Well, the instructor set down with me and handed me a paper and said sign here for your FREE month of lessons and to set up the "monthly terms". I signed on the dotted line and got started the same day. Later when I got home, I showed my wife the contract and she read about the "monthly terms". The monthly terms was that I had agreed to pay a lump sum of $495 at the end of the FREE month. The devil was in the details!! I hadn’t read the contract.

    In selecting a MLM or Network marketing business. Make sure that the "devil is not in the details by checking out the company’s management experience and reading their policy and procedures.

    Check and see if the MLM management has experience having been a distributor and building a Network marketing business their selves. Have the leaders ever built a down line or is it all theory. They can’t take you where you want to go unless they have been there themselves.

    The devil is in the details. You will never be successful in Network marketing following leaders who have not been successful themselves. Success is said to leave clues.

    Make sure you read the company’s policy and procedures. If you are in MLM for the long haul looking for residual income, you must understand the policy and procedures so you want work 8 or 10 years ,getting ready to retire, and find out that the policy and procedures require you to be active and have "on going" selling, recruiting and training of your down line to receive residual income. It pays to read and know the Network marketing company’s policy and procedures for the "devil is always in details.

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