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    Network Marketing Smarts- It Takes A Network MarketingTeam To Achieve The Dream


    Have you been chasing Gurus around the internet trying to make a buck? Jumping from mlm program to another? Well i have that tee shirt hanging in my closet and i figured out that if i wasn't going to get the support i needed, i could do bad all by myself.

    What i finally did was to focus on finding the right team of people who had my best interest in mind and started working on the skills that i didn't have like video marketing. I had seen so many of the experts have there own video and i knew i wasn't that "good looking" to be put all over the net.

    But with my "team members" support and encouragement, i went ahead and started doing videos. You see without a team or support group, i would have not went to the level of networkmarketing where i could actually have people attracted to me and not the hype of a professional or a generic video.

    You see, it's a team that believes in one another who will help you grow as a person and and a marketer and finally reach your financial goals. Hey! It feels good to be free and not driven by the money but just mutually helping another along the road of life. If you're are looking for a team that cares...

    Check out my website and take the free tour! Here is the link: http://www.mlmsuccessmagic.com

    James B Byrd



    3 Tips On How To Be A Success In MLM Network Marketing

    Hi, James Byrd here...i hope that you have gain some insight on how to be successful in network marketing. I believe if you keep some of the tips i revealed, it can save you years of frustration and thousands of dollars. Many people continue to look for super stars and jump from mlm opportunity to mlm opportunity. But always remember it takes  A TEAM TO ACHIEVE THE DREAM!

    James B Byrd




    List Building- The Money's In The List

    Hi,i am back, As the economy slows down many new networkers are flocking to the Internet looking for a way to supplement their income by joining a network marketing company, The sad fact is that many lack the basic skills to make money online.

    Two basic things that you have to have is marketing skills and a list. This is just what most people lack. What i mean by marketing skills consist of being able to promote your product or service on the internet to a particular niche market for example; people who like to fish. How are you going to get your website in front of those who are fishermen.? What means can you use to promote your products or services. What kind of website do you need to capture your prospects information? These are just a few. When you don't have a list, then you have to create one using your marketing skills that you don't have if you are new.

    Many new networkers don't have a clue on how to create a list. If you don't have a list, then you have no one to market product and services plus you don't have anyone to leverage your marketing efforts. Someone said that you can tell how much money a person makes online by the size of their list. If your the size of your list is "Nada", that's about what you will make online.

    You can save yourself a lot of frustration and failure if you start out the right way with a system that allows you to learn about marketing, earn and build a list at the same time. Visit the link below to test drive an attraction marketing system that will allow you to build a solid income while building your own list. http://www.networkmarketingsmarts.com

    James B Byrd 1-269-290-3263


    How To Get Free Leads For Life

    Click Here To Go To Orangeleads


    5 Keys To Your Online Success……

    Here are 5 keys to your online success:

    Key #1: Put skepticism aside - if you join a
    club or buy a product thinking, "It probably
    won't work, but I'll give it a try...", then
    you're already doomed to fail.

    Key #2: Give 100% effort - don't think about
    a "backup plan if this doesn't work". You need
    to commit yourself to *making* it work - there
    is no other option if you want success.

    Key #3: Follow the plan to the 't' - don't try
    to take short cuts...do *exactly* what has been
    *proven* to work and you will succeed!

    Key #4: Finish what you start - don't even think
    about another project until you're successful at
    what you're doing right now.

    Key #5 Believe in what you're doing! This could
    be the most important key of all and it runs full
    circle to Key #1 - don't ever allow skepticism to
    hold you back from achieving your dreams.

    If you follow the plan, believe in yourself, and
    give 100% effort, you will succeed...I guarantee

    James B Byrd
    Making Network Marketing Easy
    All About You And Success

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