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    When selecting a career you always look for the biggest bang for your money and your time. Network marketing must be looked at as a career and just not a hobby for you to be successful in internet network marketing. The following tips below will help you build your following,explode your downline and put money in your pocket.

    Attract people to you, don't track them down.

     Chasing people and beating them on the head with your network marketing opportunity will never bring you the success that you desire. People like to buy but never sold. Build a relationship with others by offering value and friendship. Be a friend and offer value to others and people will be will come to you. People always do business with those the know like and trust.

    Targeted leads are the life blood of your business.

     The old clique that the money's in the list will always be true. But any lead will not be sufficient to build a profitable network marketing business. You need targeted organic leads from Google, MSN, Yahoo...etc. These targeted leads are looking or searching for the product of service that you offer.

    Followup, Followup and Followup again.

     The money's always in the followup. You will need to followup by email and personally. The email followup system may be use to sort out those who are serious or fit the profile of the type of people you want to work with. You just can't work with anyone. There are personality differences and work habits they may conflict with how you go about handling your business.It's good to have that personal touch so you can determine if a person is a good fit for your network marketing business.

    Focus on building relationships and NOT selling product.

    There use to be a commercial that claimed "People Are Most Important Product"...that idea is really needed today. People are your product in the network marketing business. Network Marketing means you have to network with people to be a success. How could you possible recruit thousands of people in your downline without focusing on networking?

    Duplicate the things that work.

    There are things that work and things which don't work. Make sure the things that are working now get integrated into your marketing routine. This will build confidence in you and your team. And it creates a spirit of co-operation in your networking team. Stay away from re-inventing the wheel

    When you integrate these tips into your network marketing success model, you will generate targeted leads easily,build a profitable downline and have tons of success over the long haul.Stay focus and on task and you will have your own dream team. Build your own dream team using this marketing tool by CLICKING HERE


    Are MLMs A Scam Or Is It My Marketing?

    Many network marketers are quitting MLM network marketing because they just can't seem to get anyone to join their business oppotunity. The first thing many people cry is that mlm is a scam. Let me explain...a mlm is an abbreviation of the term multi-level marketing. MLM is a multi-level pyrimid type of structure that allows mlm companies to structure their compensation plan.

    Before you go off the deep end...remember big american companies such as GM, GE and even the company you're work for are mlms...check and see if their is one man at the top (CEO) and check out their salary and benefits as compared to yours. If you have a boss and your boss has a boss and so on... I must admit some mlms are scams but most of them are not.

    The problem occurs when their is a disconnect with your senses when the hype tells you that it is possible to make $3900 dollars a month when you sponsor just 3900 people. Just think of that number for a minute.. The average network marketer can only sponsor 0.16 people per month marketing his affialate website.

    The next hurdle you must overcome is the retention rate is really only 3-5 %...what i mean by retention rate is that only 3 to 5 people you sponsor out of a 100 will stay after 90-93 days. People are leaving faster then the average person can sponsor. I say average because those who make money in mlm don't sponsor their affiliate website but people call them and ask to join their mlm opportunity.

    If your marketing technique cannot over come the shear numbers of prospects you need to signup in your business opportunity to overcome the dropout rate...you will lose money time no matter how hard of effort that you put in.

    The moneys in the LIST! I know you've heard that said a 1000 of times...but it's true. You need a marketing system that is customizable and duplicatable that builds a list of prospects even if they don't join your business. Many list owners are just "hope pimps" that dump you into their marketing funnels and work you over till you buy something. This makes if bad for the whole industry.

    If you want to change your results in mlm...you will have to change your marketing strategy. Try this marketing system and it will give you the success you deserve and you will find all mlm are not scams, it was my marketing system. Check my marketing out here. http://jamesbyrdlive.com


    Keeping It Real!




    Network Marketing Success- Urgent!! I am Quitting Network Marketing!

    No, i am really not quitting network marketing but when i received that message, i was shocked because so many of my downline was stuck without having a markeing system website of their own... times are changing ! People really don't care about you...if you don't take responsibility for your future, someone will.

    I know people write articles with keyword desities to make sure that their post or article show up in the organic results on Google, but i just got to vent and tell you to get your own marketing system and market yourself. People are unstable and when you don't know who your admin is who runs your marketing system, you're are asking for trouble.

    Just think of how many ads that went out and praised how great your marketing system is only to have to eat crow because you don't own it. It's better and make more sense that you have your own marketing system.Heres what you can do to protect yourself.

    1. Buy your own domain name along with hosting

    2. Use a word press blog as your marketing system.

    3. Build your own capture page starring YOU

    4. Purchase an auto responder and build your list.

    5. Use the power of attraction marketing to have

    people join you because you're a person that offers value, honesty and intergrity.

    When this happens you want have to worry about waking up one day to find someone

    else turned your world upside down!

    Keeping It real!





    Internet Network Marketing Success- If you think you can you can


    Not to long ago, i had hit a rut in my network marketing business...I had stop working on my personal development and i was not getting as many signups as i use to. I had lost total creativity and i was just poking along in my fog of disillutionmnet.

    The one day i started just listening to "Think And Grow Rich" mp3s. I listen to the first lesson and nothing out the ordinary happen...i then listen to the 2nd listen and....i got a signup in my primary business and then another and another..

    It's really no joke. If you think you can...you can be successful in internet network marketing. Many people don't make any money because their minds are conflicted. One time that think they can and the next moment they think they can't.

    In the Bible it says that an unstable man is unstable in all his ways" . If you are struggling to find success in internet network marketing, it may be your mindset. If you change your mind, you can change your destiny.

    James B Byrd

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    MLM Network Marketing- Knowing Your Numbers Leads To Success In MLM Network Marketing


    There are numbers that you must know to help you be successful in network marketing. Many people just get caught up in the hype and never stop to take a look at the numbers that are required for you to be success in any mlm network marketing business. Here are a few numbers to think about.

    1) CTR numbers of your affiliate website. CTR is the click through rate of your capture page or your company affiliate website. Some people claim that they get a 20% CTR; that means for every 100 targeted visitors to your website 20 people will click-thru to take a peek at your mlm deal or affiliate product. If 10 % would signup for your program, that would give you 2 signups. It has been estimated that to make a full time income online, you need at least 20-50  signups daily.

    2) Only 1 out of 9 people that you signup in your MLM Nework marketing business will actually work the business. The retention rate in a multi-level marketing business in brutal. 3 out of 9 people will ever work the business while only one will stick it out. You really have to have an mlm team working together for the benefit of all or be a "mlm recruiting machine". People are quitting after 3 or 4 weeks and your downline dies if you ever stop. Filling a matrix by yourself is impossible.

    3}The average mlm network marketer can only sponsor 1.7-2 people. Now all those mlm programs that tell you that if you get 3, it's free... or just 5 referrals you get paid might as well be 100 referrals. If you paid $50 to join the mlm opportunity and it takes 3 to qualify for matrix bonus, you are just left with a "fast start bonus" to try and break even with the $50 you've already put out. If the fast start bonus was 20% which paid you $10, you  need 5 to break even but the most people you can sponsor is 2. That's $20 which leaves you $30 in the hole.

    Now, i know your mlm deal is the best on the planet but if you want to really have a chance at making money in a mlm,feel free to check out a PayItForward, profit sharing marketing system where everyone wins and no one is left behind, viisit www.simplemlmsuccess.com

    James B Byrd