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    Is It A MLM Scam Or Just My Marketing?

    It's easy to call a MLM a scam when you're are piling up monthly autoship debt that's breaking your budget. Yes it could be a mlm scam or maybe just your marketing. There are some very important numbers that you must understand that is a characteristic of all multi-marketing pay plays. 

    They are 9, 3 and 1. 9 is the base number of paid signups that you have in your matrix. You have sponsored 9 people and only 3 out of the 9 will actually work and just 1 out of the nine will stick it out. That means you have to continually sponsor 9 people to get just 1 who works on your team. Your upline never tells you this and really just plays the numbers  game, so he/she never has time for you.

    The sad part of this senerio is that you really have to be a recruiting machine to continually sponsor 9 people just to get one permenate member on your team. If you lack the proper marketing skills, you will never be able to replace the members who drop out of your downline.

    Say you have some marketing skills...and the conversion rate of visitors to your website who actually signup is 10% so out of 100 visitors you get 10 who signup and 1 out of 10 you sponsor into your mlm so you need your 900 visitors that are looking for your product to get your 9 which only one stays in your business. If you want know the rest of the story and a workable solution to this madness visit http://simplemlmsuccess.com

    James B Byrd



    MLM Scams- Does Your MLM Business Have Integrity?

    I was really excited about my mlm business. My upland had just put some potential "heavy hitters" in my downline. My downline was on fire! Then i heard the company was going to change the compensation plan. A week went by and i looked in my back office and my downline had all but disappeared and my volume was zero for the month.

    Not only was my volume gone but all paid members were gone and only "free members" were left..2 non paying members. I called my up line and told him and he said that the computer had made a mistake. Another week went by and no change it got worse!

    My upline called and told me that they had change the amount of volume you needed to get paid down to the lower levels in the matrix. It would take $160 monthly auto ship(it had almost tripled)....my upline received a check for $6.50 and was paid nothing for $20,000 in sales volume.

    This could have all been avoided by running away just as fast as you can if the answer to any of the questions below is yes.

    1. Is the Policy And Procedures on the Website?

    2. Is your the date that you signed up the same date they hit your credit card?

    3. Can you cancel your account from your back office?

    4. Can you even find the Policy And Procedures anywhere?

    If you join a mlm business and it's almost impossible to quit when you want to quit, don't join. The object of the game in this case was to recruit...recruit and recruit because they know that 98% will quit will the delusion of riches vanish like smoke...in about 2 months.

    If you are tired of all the hype..check out the only system i know that's 1 for all and all for 1. Save yourself money and years of frustration. http://simplemlmsuccess.com

    James B Byrd



    How To Know A MLM Home Based Business Scam When You See One

    Hi, I hope that the video help you to know a mlm home based business scam better. The economy is in the tank and home based business opportunities are springing up like weeds all over the internet. If you have never made any money online or have lost money in a home based business scam, feel free to check our team out by visiting the link below. We are the real deal!


    James B Byrd