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    MLM Prelaunch- Is A MLM Prelaunch The Real Deal?

    The MLM business gets really hot during the first 4 months of the year. MLM prelaunchs are popping up all over the internet and new network marketers looking for a quick fix to their financial problems soon get caught up in all the hype.

    The term "prelaunch" is really misunderstood for the term actually is used to not to signify an exclusive position in the company to capture the early "spill over" before signups coming after you but to create a fear of loss (of spill over). Usually spillover only happans for a few people that includes the MLM founder and his close associates and here's why. There are 3 calls that start a "prelaunch". 1) A call by the owner to a top mlm guru who has a huge downline and name recognition. 2) A call from the top mlm guru to other gurus. 3) A call by all the gurus to their lists.

    1. The MLM has already been launched when the owner calls the top guru and partnerships with them. The deal is "sweetened" for the top guru, comp plan taylored for their success. If the mlm company is a scam, the owner and the guru are looking at a 3-6 month life span for the company. Usually if the mlm dosn't have a product or service to sell...it's a scam.

    2. Next the top guru calls all his/her guru partners and places them in their downline(assuming a matrix). Now all the top positions in the company's matrix has been filled but you and i haven't heard about it yet. It's a no brainer that the company has already launched .

    3. Finally, a mass emailing campagne strarts and you and i get an email because we are on someone's list that we thought we knew, liked and trusted. BAM! "New Company In Prelaunch"...Lock In Your Position Now And Insure You Make Profit in 2009". It sounds to good to be true...right? It's not true. Chances are when you signed up for this MLM prelaunch, you were not part of a team. You were just looking for a way to make some money to supplement your income. Yes getting in on the ground floor, how could you lose? It takes a team effort to make any money in an mlm and if you came in by yourself, you're on your own. Watch that door so it dosn't hit you on the way out. For more tips and info like this post visit: www.5dollarbailout.info

    Have a great day!


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