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    MLM Scams- Are All MLMs Scams?

    Hi, james here. I don't know about you but when i mention a mlm company to some of my friends and family, they yell out scam. MLM scams are real enough but all mlms are not scams. An MLM is a multi-level marketing model that pays commisions on the different levels.

    A MLM scam has all the money going to the top most position(founder) and those on the other levels usually don't make any money at all but provide new recruits. Usually there is no product or services, just lot of recruiting .

    MLMs vary by the compensation plan they use along with policies and procedures. Some compensation plans are so complex that it takes an expert to figure out how you make money.
    I suggest if you can't figure out on your own, how you get paid, don't join! Probably the comp plan is loaded with bonus pools, leadership bonuses and such to draw in heavy hitters.

    Policy and Procedure contracts are written by the MLM company lawyers to protect and insure the profibility of the MLM company. Many network marketing companies have clauses that require you to be active in order to continue to get your residual income.

    Don't jump to conclusions too soon about MLMs. Their are scams but many times we fail to investigate the MLM company and fall victim to the hype. If you haven't found a company, don't be victimized by online scams. Grab the ebook "Stop Being A Victim" and save yourself $1000s of dollars and years by clicking on this link:

    james b byrd
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