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    MLM Troubles?-When My Ship Comes In

    Hi, i hope everyone is having a good week and no MLM troubles. I was on the phone this week with a gentlemen named Charlie who was waiting for the super launch of a mlm company that would be the answer to all his money problems. He told me that the owner of the company was a super guy and answered all of his questions.

    Charlie invited me on a call but it had been so long that he had misplaced the number. He really didn't believe himself that his "ship" was finally going to come in. He said he had lost thousands of dollars over the years and this was going to be the big one that he had been waiting for. There are many Charlies out their who have MLM troubles because they jump into something brand new or are waiting on a pre-launch of a new and improved mlm company that has a pay plan such that no one can lose.

    Well, if you are waiting for someone who is the captain of their ship to get into port to let you get aboard, then you have given up the right to be captain of your ship. It's easy to give others accountability for your life, but you can't complain about the results. Many networkers could save themselves if they remained captain of their ship and personally develop themselves. I think we would find that we wouldn't have to wait on our ship to come in for we always had all we needed, we just had to work on ourselves.

    james b byrd
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