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    How To Get 500 MLM Prospects To Your Website For FREE

    What every mlm network marketer needs is targeted mlm leads or prospects to visit their website. Well i have a ebook that teaches you 7 lead generation tatics that will drive mlm prospects to your website to join your business.

    I know you have heard that you can be the "hunted instead of the hunter" and have MLM prospects chasing you. These lead generation tactics really work! You can actually start getting tons of mlm prospects to your website today.

    The 1st tactic is to "feed the spiders". These are the search engine spiders that crawl the content of websites and position them in the search results. You "feed the spiders" by creating an article,blog post and Squidoo lens that reflect the content of your article. This will generate targeted MLM leads to your website 24/7 while you sleep!

    My ebook will show you step by step what to do and i am giving it away for 100% FREE for a limited time...You can start driving mlm prospects to your online business opportunity today! Just click on the link and get your FREE ebook now!


    James B Byrd



    FREE Traffic Generation Videos-Learn How To Generate 250- 600 Targeted Visitors Per Hour

    Hi James here.

    If you have been in online business for any length of time, you have probably come to the conclusion that it's not the hi-tech website the company give you but your network marketing success hinges on how many visitors can you get to your website. The name of the Internet marketing game is all about numbers.

    Coupled along with the number of visitors, they must be targeted. Now i know people who promise "guaranteed visitors" to your site but they are not targeted. They may belong to a company who have hired people to click your url for a few pennies and charge you $49.95/month.

    If you're are going to make money on the Internet, you will have to build a list,build a relationship with that list and then market to that list. That is the only winning game plan available. You need 250-600 people target visitors per hour to build a list large enough to earn money that will make a difference in your life.

    I have some traffic generation videos that are 100% free where you will learn how to not only generate tons of traffic to your website but also you will build your own list with your own affiliates and build your own business all at the same time.

    This is really the only strategy that actually makes money online for even the newbie marketer and will work just as well for you...I am so confident that you will like what you see and start making the Internet work for you instead of working you over. Click on the link below for your FREE traffic videos and start building your own list instead of your program's list

    . http://jamesbbyrd.ws/freetraffic

    James B Byrd

    Learn How To Build Your Own List...NOT your programs List!


    Bram Smith's New Lead Gusher Generates Free Targeted Website Traffic For Life 

    Hello again. The Internet is a buzz with so much chatter about prelaunches and can't missed network marketing opportunities and most of the time, no one mentions how to get targeted website traffic to our website or how are we going to advertise our online business opportunity.

    I recieve an email from my "recruiter" about advertising a website. Well later on he sent me an email that read. James, here is a link that you can visit and find out how to advertise your website. He added "it will take you a month to advertise your link"...by the way it's all free advertising. Now the most valuable asset every human being has is time. It cost time. He didn't use the source himself because he didn't really tell me which ones were the best. He just through me a bone!

    I wasn't looking for a telephone book full of safelists and traffic exchanges...thats like having another job! I did come across an email from my friend Bram Smith and he was releasing a product called "Lead Gusher". This product provides a system where you can set it and forget it one time for all time and generate targeted website traffic and free advertising for life.

    The "Lead Gusher" traffic generator and advertising system takes about 7 minutes to setup and then you are done. It has a few multiple streams of income and you can get paid for advertising the "Lead Gusher" capture page. The "Lead Gusher System" will create a website that features your home business opportunity based on your own classified ad and key words. "Lead Gusher" also provides fresh content that the search engines love based on you key word selection that is the heart of generating website traffic. What a value.. all this is for FREE!

    This really is a "no brainer" for those who are having trouble geneating website traffic to their websites you can check "Lead Gusher" out by visiting this link: http://www.uwleads.com

    Talk To You Soon