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    How To Get 500 MLM Prospects To Your Website For FREE

    What every mlm network marketer needs is targeted mlm leads or prospects to visit their website. Well i have a ebook that teaches you 7 lead generation tatics that will drive mlm prospects to your website to join your business.

    I know you have heard that you can be the "hunted instead of the hunter" and have MLM prospects chasing you. These lead generation tactics really work! You can actually start getting tons of mlm prospects to your website today.

    The 1st tactic is to "feed the spiders". These are the search engine spiders that crawl the content of websites and position them in the search results. You "feed the spiders" by creating an article,blog post and Squidoo lens that reflect the content of your article. This will generate targeted MLM leads to your website 24/7 while you sleep!

    My ebook will show you step by step what to do and i am giving it away for 100% FREE for a limited time...You can start driving mlm prospects to your online business opportunity today! Just click on the link and get your FREE ebook now!


    James B Byrd



    Free Home Biz Leads- Stop Beating Yourself Up Trying To Get Leads For Your Home Business

    Hi James here. One of first things that happen after you've burnt through your warm market is what are you going to do for home business leads. Home business leads are the life blood of any successful internet network marketing business. Without home biz leads your online business will surely fail.

    One option is to buy leads from lead vendors. This option will cost you tons of money over the long haul and will leave you broke and discourage. When you are strapped for cash from the get-go, where are you going to get money to buy leads.

    Another option is to generate your own "hot targeted leads". That is easily said but hard to do for the Newbie network marketer who has spent their last money to start a home business and can't afford the cost of $3000 per month on Pay-Per click ads.

    What if you could get all the home biz leads you wanted plus get "hot targeted" leads at the same time for FREE? Well, if you click on this link: http://www.simplemlmsuccess.com you can make it happen right now! This is no joke...all for 100% FREE